The Diamondback’s photo desk works with many members of other desks to coordinate and photograph news for the College Park community. Our goal is to accurately depict the stories the photos accompany.

2022 was definitely a year of growth and progress as people shifted towards a sense of normalcy after COVID-19 severely impacted the previous two years. Highly anticipated in-person performances, games, and concerts finally took place. Rallies and marches demanded change for ever-present issues. As students of the University of Maryland, we want to share our pride in being a part of this community.

Cam and I stepped into this unfamiliar position for the first time early this year, and we definitely hit a bit of a learning curve. We continue to learn as we go, and continue to try to best represent The Diamondback and the University of Maryland as a whole.

We are immensely proud of all our staff photographers, many of whom were new members to the photo desk this year. One of our main goals was to encourage all of our staff photographers to strive to find their own styles of sharing the story through their photos. We have seen tremendous growth in each person’s photography, and we look forward to seeing what they capture next. 

We are honored to present our edition and continuation of The Diamondback’s Year in Pictures.

Autumn Hengen & Cam Andrews, Photo Editors


Maryland men's basketball warms up prior to their 68-55 loss to Indiana on Jan. 29, 2022. (Cam Andrews/The Diamondback)
The Maryland men’s lacrosse team plays in light snow during their scrimmage against Delaware on Jan. 31, 2022. (Taneen Momeni/The Diamondback)
Maryland Women’s Lacrosse plays during their scrimmage on Jan. 30, 2022. (Cam Andrews/The Diamondback)
Maryland's Selma Cadar during her doubles match against Georgetown's Agata Mikos and McHaley Ho on Jan. 23, 2022. The Terps won the match 6-2. (Riley Sims/The Diamondback)


“Red: Maryland’s Version” t-shirts at the UMD Men’s Basketball game against Penn State on Feb. 21, 2022. (Cam Andrews/The Diamondback)
Maryland's Francesca Feodorov during the Terps' 7-0 victory over George Washington. (Cam Andrews/The Diamondback)
A rocket outside of the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Visitor Center in Greenbelt on Feb. 11, 2022. (Joe Ryan/The Diamondback)
Maryland’s Logan Wisnauskas celebrates during the men’s lacrosse game against Loyola University Maryland on Feb. 12, 2022. (Cam Andrews/The Diamondback)


A Maryland Men’s Basketball player warms up before the game against Michigan State on Mar. 10, 22. (Joe Ryan/The Diamondback)
Maryland’s Torie Barretta runs onto the field before the UMD vs. James Madison University game on Mar. 26, 2022. (Cam Andrews/The Diamondback)
A Maryland Men’s Basketball player wears shoes in support of Ukraine during the game against Minnesota on Mar. 2, 2022. (Joe Ryan/The Diamondback)


'The Captive Slave' by John Philip Simpson hangs in the National Gallery of Art's Afro-Atlantic Histories exhibition on April 9, 2022. (Joe Ryan/The Diamondback)
Courtney Wyche pitches during Maryland softball’s 8-0 win against Coppin State on Apr. 6, 2022. (Julia Nikhinson/The Diamondback)
A student skateboards outside behind the School of Public Health building on April 3, 2022. (Autumn Hengen/The Diamondback)
K-District, a K-pop dance group from American University, performs at the Ultimate Showcase in Stamp Student Union on April 9, 2022. (Julia Nikhinson/The Diamondback)
The exterior of Cumberland Hall on April 7, 2022. (Giuseppe LoPiccolo / The Diamondback)
Maryland's Selma Cadar during her singles match against Nebraska's Kristina Novak. Novak won 6-4, 6-2. (Julia Nikhinson/The Diamondback)
Terps Racing conducted a car test on April 23, 2022. (Julia Nikhinson/The Diamondback)
People gathered in Washington, D.C. on April 23, 2022 at the Rally for Hope and Democracy to call for clean and fair elections in the Philippines. (Julia Nikhinson/The Diamondback)
Students walk the Let's Say Gay parade route on McKeldin Mall. The parade was organized in response to recent anti-LGBTQ+ legislature across the country. (Frances O'Connor/The Diamondback)


Shelby Pullen, Julia Glassen and Maya Rezende Tsao (left to right), all freshmen at George Washington University, pose for a portrait outside of the U.S. Supreme Court on May 3, 2022. (Daryl Perry/The Diamondback)
Maryland men's lacrosse celebrates with the Big Ten tournament trophy following their 17-7 win over Rutgers on May 7, 2022. (Cam Andrews/The Diamondback)
Daniel Maltz and Eric Malever celebrate during Maryland men's lacrosse's 9-7 national championship win over Cornell on May 30, 2022. (Joe Ryan/The Diamondback)
Maryland men’s lacrosse celebrates after winning the 2022 NCAA National Championship with a 9-7 win over Cornell on May 30, 2022. (Julia Nikhinson/The Diamondback)


ROLE MODEL performs in Washington, D.C. on Jun. 19, 2022. (Daryl Perry/The Diamondback)



Jeff Draco performs at the WMUC festival at Songbyrd Music House in Washington, D.C. on August 25, 2022. (Riley Sims/The Diamondback)
A welcome mat resides outside of Partners Clinic to designate the clinic as a location where patients can seek help and support. (Autumn Hengen/The Diamondback)
Students wait outside of Yahentamitsi Dining Hall on Aug. 29, 2022. (Frances O'Connor/The Diamondback)
Musicians perform during The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center’s inaugural Jazz Jam at The Hall CP on Sept. 28, 2022. (Giuseppe LoPiccolo/The Diamondback)


A KN95 mask sits on a windowsill. Much of the UMD community is experiencing effects of long Covid, lingering respiratory issues and other symptoms following contraction of Covid-19. (Autumn Hengen/The Diamondback)
Patty Perillo, Vice President for Student Affairs, speaking at the Johnson-Whittle name dedication ceremony on Friday, Sept. 30, 2022.


Jennette McCurdy reads an excerpt from her book "I'm Glad My Mom Died" during the SEE Back to School Lecture on Oct. 4, 2022. (Autumn Hengen/The Diamondback)
A student sits outside of the Edward St. John building on Oct. 24, 2022. (Giuseppe LoPiccolo/The Diamondback)
Octavian Smith Jr. gazes at the field during UMD’s football game versus Northwestern on Oct. 22, 2022. (Eric Robinson/The Diamondback)
A student walks across the University of Maryland campus on Oct. 19, 2022. (Autumn Hengen/The Diamondback)
Wes Moore, the Maryland Democratic nominee for governor, speaks at the Early Vote Rally in Stamp Student Union on Oct. 26, 2022. (Daryl Perry/The Diamondback)
Karen Lynch Harley, a member of the Haliwa-Saponi Tribe, paints a mural honoring the Three Sisters (corn, beans, and squash: the three main crops of many North American Indigenous tribes) in Yahentamitsi Dining Hall on Oct. 6, 2022. (Jordyn Salow/The Diamondback)
Spencer Anderson lifts Colby McDonald for a touchdown celebration during Maryland Football’s 27-13 win over Michigan State on Oct. 1, 2022 (Rohan Pandit/The Diamondback)
Colin Jost of Saturday Night Live performs a set at SEE's Homecoming Comedy Show at Ritchie Coliseum on Sunday, Oct. 16, 2022.
A person dressed up as Shrek poses for a picture outside the DOTS office in College Park on Oct. 31, 2022. (Neelay Sachdeva/The Diamondback)


Maryland women’s basketball plays against George Mason on Nov. 7, 2022. (Riley Sims/The Diamondback)
Voting stations located at the STAMP Student Union polling station on Nov. 8, 2022. (Giuseppe LoPiccolo/The Diamondback)
Construction signs surround Frederick Douglass statue in Hornbake Plaza on Nov. 6, 2022. (Riley Sims/The Diamondback)
Deonte Banks swats a pass during Maryland football's 43-30 loss to Ohio State on Nov. 19, 2022. (Rohan Pandit/The Diamondback)
A protester wears a scarf with the colors of the Iranian Flag at the Iranian Student Foundation Rally on McKeldin Mall on Nov. 30, 2022. (Jess Daninhirsch/The Diamondback)


Dancers accompany traditional Balinese music performed by the UMD Gamelan Saraswati Ensemble during An Evening of Japanese Koto and Balinese Gamelan, a concert held at the The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center and sponsored by the UMD School of Music. (Giuseppe LoPiccolo/The Diamondback)
A fox wanders campus on Dec. 4, 2022. (Giuseppe LoPiccolo/The Diamondback)
Members of the UMD Percussion Ensemble perform in the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center during the UMD School of Music’s Fall Percussion Concert on Dec. 12, 2022. (Giuseppe LoPiccolo/The Diamondback)
Stromae plays the drums during "Invaincu" at his sold out concert in The Anthem December 3, 2022. (Taneen Momeni/The Diamondback)
Maryland Football plays in the Duke's Mayo Bowl Game against NC State on Dec. 30, 2022. (Autumn Hengen/The Diamondback)

Edited by Autumn Hengen & Cam Andrews, Photo Editors

Photos by The Diamondback's staff photographers:

  • Autumn Hengen, Cam Andrews, Daryl Perry, Eric Robinson, Frances O'Connor, Giuseppe LoPiccolo, Jess Daninhirsch, Jordyn Salow, Neelay Sachdeva, Riley Sims, Rohan Pandit, Taneen Momeni


  • Julia Nikhinson, Joe Ryan