Like most things this year, the 2020 elections are unprecedented. From socially distant debates, to virtual campaigning, to millions of mail-in ballots, this year is different. Check out The Diamondback’s election coverage below. This page will be regularly updated. Last updated Nov. 9, 12:22 p.m.

After five-day-long election night, UMD students react to news of Donald Trump’s defeat

By Angela Roberts

The myth of the “Latino vote,” debunked by three UMD professors

By Clara Longo de Freitas

After days in limbo, Joe Biden will become the next president of the United States

By Jack Hogan

“Just want it over with”: UMD students stress as election winner remains unknown

By Jack Hogan

Live updates on the presidential election

By Diamondback Staff

Live updates on Maryland’s eight congressional races

By Diamondback Staff

Prince George’s County is one of five Maryland jurisdictions facing vote count delays

By Anastasia Marks

One for the history books: Local voters cast ballots at UMD on Election Day

By Diamondback Staff

Election night opinions from The DBK’s columnists

By Diamondback Opinion Columnists

It’s Election Day. Here’s what UMD professors say we can expect.

By Anastasia Marks

The Diamondback 2020 Voting Guide

Your guide to the candidates in the 2020 presidential and Maryland congressional elections

Map: Election Day polling sites in Maryland

By Rina Torchinsky

A visual recap of early voting in Prince George’s County and Maryland

By Rina Torchinsky

“I got my vote in”: Some Prince George’s County voters use poll accommodations

By Leah Fleischer

Maryland athletes prepare to volunteer at Xfinity Center polls on Election Day

By Kevin McNulty

UMD students volunteer as poll workers during early voting at Xfinity Center

By Abigail Russ

College Park residents vote at Xfinity Center ahead of Election Day

By Diamondback Staff

We probably won’t have the presidential election results on Nov. 3. Here’s why.

By Jack Hogan

Maryland volleyball embraces Xfinity Pavilion’s role as a polling station

By Katie Manganelli

Election Day is coming, and some UMD students are ready to vote for the first time

By Ilana Williams

Only Prince George’s County voters should use the ballot box near Xfinity, officials say

By Clara Longo de Freitas

UMD to hold classes on Election Day

By Madison Peek

“Worse than high school debate”: UMD debaters sound off on presidential debates

By Madison Peek

UMD students can now order voter registration forms off the menu at Nando’s

By Clara Niel

UMD students confident in high turnout among college voters

By Chloe Goldberg

Takoma Park is one of five cities where minors can vote. And young voters are turning out.

By Clara Niel

As the presidential election nears, some UMD students are wary of mail-in voting

By Anaya Truss-Williams

TerpsVote and MaryPIRG get creative in registering students to vote

By Matt McDonald