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One of Maryland’s 281 ballot drop-off boxes sits outside The University of Maryland’s Xfinity Center, but officials say only voters registered in Prince George’s County should use it. 

Voters should drop off their ballots in the county in which they’re registered to vote, according to the Prince George’s County board of elections. 

The official box near Xfinity Center will be available until 8 p.m. on Nov. 3.

The Prince George’s County board of elections cannot process ballots from other counties, said Daneen Banks, deputy administrator at the Prince George’s County board of elections. So, the board of elections instead forwards them to the appropriate county. These ballots will be counted if postmarked and timely, but the extra step could add a delay.

And if the county board of election receives a ballot from a neighboring jurisdiction outside the state, such as Washington, D.C., or Fairfax, Virginia, the board will still make every effort to forward it, Banks said.

“It’s just not preferable,” she said. 

Out-of-state voters should follow directions specific to their state, Banks added. Maryland voters can track their ballot through the Maryland state board of elections’ website.