From the beginning of coronavirus shutdowns in March to Black Lives Matter protests to UMD’s decision to not allow pass/fail grading this fall, The Diamondback has been there to cover 2020. Here’s a look at the top ten articles from the year.


1. A UMD student’s leg was crushed by a campus bus. Bystanders jumped into action.

By: Rina Torchinsky

2. “None of it feels real”: UMD students studying in Europe scramble to book flights home

By: Carmen Molina Acosta and Rina Torchinsky

3. “A lifelong battle”: UMD students join March on Washington following summer of protests

By: Angela Roberts

4. “There’s hope”: How a DACA recipient journeyed to UMD — and is fighting for a better life

By: Amanda Hernández

5. As campus reopening looms, UMD union fights for worker protection

By: Angela Roberts

6. UMD, Towson tenants join Maryland delegates at state house in fight to terminate leases

By: Jonathan Tercasio

7. Stress, bad food and flooding: What it’s like to be a UMD student in quarantine housing

By: Jonathan Tercasio

8. For those raised in College Park’s Lakeland, the wounds left by its destruction remain

By: Clara Niel
9. One for the history books: Local voters cast ballots at UMD on Election Day

By: Diamondback Staff

10. “Cold shoulder”: Students blast UMD administration for grading decision at town hall

By: Amanda Hernández

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