Every year, The Diamondback dedicates a special edition to celebrate our graduating seniors. Click here for the PDF version of the 2021 edition or scroll down to see our stories honoring the past four years at the University of Maryland.

By Rina Torchinsky

Julia Nikhinson/The Diamondback

Finding artistic freedom: Senior artists share how their craft has developed at UMD

By Amanda Hernández

Joe Ryan/The Diamondback

‘Not what I expected’: UMD seniors reflect on a final college year dominated by COVID-19

By Jenn Attanasio and Christine Zhu

Joe Ryan/The Diamondback

An ode to the Commons Shop

By Elana Morris

Joe Ryan/The Diamondback

Slices of Life: The stories of seniors’ time at UMD

By Angela Roberts and Clara Longo de Freitas

Joe Ryan/The Diamondback

‘Time to move on’: UMD senior athletes reflect on their athletic careers

By Ashkan Motamedi

Julia Nikhinson/The Diamondback

The 10 best Maryland sports squads from the past four years

By Shane Connuck

Joe Ryan/The Diamondback

Construction projects that UMD seniors can’t wait to forget

By Nicole Noechel

Tom Hausman/The Diamondback