So far, this year has been unreasonably generous to my music taste. Barely over a month in, and I have my album of the year in the form of Kesha’s High Road — and much more to look forward to. 

I can hardly begin to explain my excitement at the thunderous drop of music this past Friday. It satisfied nearly every one of my preferred genres, tastes and secret obsessions. Imagine trying to fit the entirety of Lake Michigan into a 20-ounce water bottle: that was my inability to contain myself.

So without any further jibber jabber, here’s my round-up of the best of this past week’s newest music — lasso and all. 

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“React,” The Pussycat Dolls

The first track from the iconic girl group in over 10 years, “React” is exactly how you’d expect The Dolls to sound in 2020. The sass is there, the lyrics are easily chantable, and Nicole Scherzinger is front and center with the remaining four women laughably shoved to the side — all with a skosh of new synth-pop inspired sound. Make sure to check out the music video as well for some killer choreography. 

“Attack of Panic,” Aly & AJ

If you haven’t been following the newest incarnation of Aly & AJ’s music, you’re already behind. Within the past three years, they’ve released two equally dazzlingly funky EP’s Ten Years and Sanctuary. Hopefully a full-length record is on the way soon; if “Attack of Panic” is any indication, we’re in for a mellow-pop joy ride. The sauntering opening verse is such a beautiful lead-in to a chorus that exhibits nothing but pure mayhem. 

Birds of Prey: The Album, Various Artists

The theme for this soundtrack is the same as the film: unchecked, unfiltered chaos, from Doja Cat’s “Boss Bitch” that makes rave music seem demure, to Megan Thee Stallion going head-to-head with Normani on the speed-racer rap anthem “Diamonds.” Other highlights include Saweetie and GALXARA’s “Sway With Me,” which is the flame for any party you’re hoping to ignite, and Halsey’s “Experiment on Me,” which finds her going full screamo in the most thrilling way. 

“Yikes,” Nicki Minaj

Jason, didn’t you formally cancel Nicki Minaj like a year ago? Okay, yes. But, I allowed my fickle self an out if you read the fine print, where I’d give Ms. Minaj another chance if she started dropping songs that hit again. And here she is with “Yikes.” While I’m reluctant to ever re-declare myself a Nicki stan as I once was, I will not front and pretend that “Yikes” doesn’t hit harder than [insert sports reference I would not understand].

Barbara, Trixie Mattel

The reigning country queen of the drag realm, Trixie’s third album has a much more carefree, pop-influenced sound. The quirk of her lyricism and instruments is still apparent, but Barbara is about as close as you get to radio-friendly music for a drag queen. That’s not necessarily a good or bad thing, but that doesn’t change the fact that “Malibu” is just an utter bop, sure to brighten anyone’s mood. And don’t miss the track where Trixie shamelessly fawns over Jesse Eisenberg.

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