The Panera Bread opening at Stamp Student Union has been delayed again to August 2023, two semesters after its original opening date.

The opening is delayed because the University of Maryland needed to obtain necessary permits and finalize contracts with the Panera Bread company, according to Dining Services marketing and communication assistant director Bart Hipple.

The contract between the University of Maryland and Panera Bread company has been signed as of January, Hipple said. After that, health and safety permits needed to be approved to begin construction. Transformation of the old Adele’s restaurant to Panera Bread will take place during the summer, Hipple said.

“We’re all frustrated by [the delay],” Hipple said. “We have been really ready to make use of that space, and we know the campus is really eager to see Panera come into the student union.”

The general Panera Bread manager for Stamp is currently at a 10-week training at Panera Bread headquarters. Crew members will also go into training for Panera Bread, according to Hipple. Then, the Panera employees need to get into the university system, and food needs to be ordered.

“So we’re ready,” Hipple said. “We just need to have the space filled out.”