University of Maryland students who take the Metro can expect significant delays until at least Sunday.

Trains on the Red Line are running every 15 minutes, while all other lines — including the Green Line, which services College Park — are operating every 30 minutes. The Silver Line is only operating between Wiehle-Reston East and Federal Center SW.

Passengers are being encouraged to use the Metrobus as an alternate form of transport, according to a release. 

[Metro suspends service for more than half of its fleet following Blue Line derailment]

The delays began Monday after Metro removed all 7000-series cars from service. This has reduced the fleet to about 40 percent of its normal capacity, leaving only 40 trains operating.  

The 7000-series cars are the same as the ones on a Blue Line train that derailed last week. During inspections, officials found that multiple cars in the series were not compliant with specifications.

The derailed train had around 200 passengers when it derailed, forcing them to walk about 1,800 feet in the tunnels to the nearest station, according to an NBC Washington story about the incident.

“We apologize for the reduced service, and ask for our customers’ continued patience and support as we work to get Metro back to normal operations,” Metro General Manager Paul Wiedefeld said in a release.