It’s the most love-filled, yet simultaneously, most dreaded day of the year: Valentine’s Day. If you’re one of the people deciding to focus on the romantic aspect of all this, you might also be the same person who needs a last-minute gift for your significant other. Luckily, you have somehow stumbled across this gift-giving guide! Here are the perfect presents to give any type of partner this Valentine’s Day.

For the sporty partner

Head over to the University Book Center in Stamp Student Union and pick up a water bottle. Everyone needs to stay hydrated and whether your partner needs to drink up before a big game, or just loves being a part of a team, a Maryland Terrapins-themed bottle will keep them sipping and smiling. Make sure to quench your partner’s thirst on this special day.

For the stressed-out partner

Pick up a coloring book, some markers or crayons, a cute mug with some herbal tea, a face mask  — the scent of lavender has a very calming effect — and a bath bomb to put together the perfect relaxing night in. You can even throw in a homemade coupon for a back massage, to really show them how much you want to help them chill out. 

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For the vegan partner

Cooking for a vegan lifestyle can get exhausting when balancing a busy class schedule, and it may seem impossible to do when eating at the dining hall. Pick your partner up some easy-to-make meals from TargetExpress like dairy-free mac and “cheese,” frozen veggie burgers or tofu and vegetable bowls. Pro tip: make sure you read all the ingredients carefully before you purchase anything.

For the traditional partner

TargetExpress has all the classic lovey-dovey items you need to give the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift. Get your partner a bouquet, heart-shaped boxes of candy and a meaningful card filled with all your sappiest feelings to seal the deal as best significant other ever. 

For the crafty partner

The Commons Shop has pencils, ribbon, all-purpose threads and sewing kits, markers, chalk, crayons, glue, scissors, tape and much more. You can take those crafting essentials and get to work with an instructional video — maybe a guide on how to make t-shirts for tailgate season, or something like that. You can find videos online for just about anything, and now your partner has all the pieces for their next big project, too. 

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For the partner who likes to bake

While we may be in an area with a dearth of supermarkets, even the Commons Shop has all the ingredients needed for cupcakes, baking tins included! Pick up a whisk, a measuring cup set, cake mix and frosting. Look up some food blogs to find recipes on how to upgrade basic cake mix to make a unique dessert. There, you can find the perfect recipe for the two of you to make. It’ll be pretty sweet. 

For the partner always running out of Dining Dollars

If your significant other is always on the go, never eating a meal at home, pick them up a gift card to one of the restaurants on Route 1 or Stamp. Whether it’s Chipotle or Panda Express, they’ll appreciate not having to pay out of their own pocket. Maybe they’ll even appreciate it so much they’ll want to share it with you. 

For the beauty-obsessed partner

The Commons Shop has all the beauty items your heart could desire for an on-campus stop. Eyeliner, mascara, highlighter, lip gloss, beauty sponges or brushes and nail polish can all be found right there. Make your own variety pack based on your partner’s style and favorite colors. It’ll show that you notice the little things, like what color brings out their eyes. 

For the nerdy partner

You can stop by the University Book Center or BookHolders in the College Park Shopping Center and pick up a book for your significant other. Both stops have books separated by genre, so pick up one on their favorite subject, or something that the two of you have spoken about in the past. Whether it’s about the environment, travel, music or anything in between, your partner will see how much thought you put into this.


So now, no matter what kind of relationship you’re in or what kind of partner you have, you’ll be able to nab the perfect gift in time for Friday. Go out and have a happy Valentine’s Day!