Since Under Armor rebranded Maryland’s football uniforms in the summer of 2011, Kevin Plank has hardly been shy to try anything he thinks will make his alma mater’s football team look their best.

Maryland’s very first game in 2011 featured a flashy new uniform with the Maryland flag adorned on the helmet and shoulders. The Terps have also regularly opted for all-black and all-white uniforms, known as “Black Ops” and “White Ops” respectively.

Against Ohio State this Saturday, Maryland is planning to introduce a new uniform to the fold: “Red Ops.”

Apparently, these uniforms are somehow inspired by reinforced concrete, according to Under Armour.

The all-red uniforms definitely pop and look sharp, so kudos to Under Armour there. Ideally, they will regularly appear in Maryland’s uniform rotation going forward.

The uniforms have already gotten some love from both future and former Terps. 2017 commit Cam Spence and Torrey Smith have both given the uniforms some attention on Twitter.

Of course, we should also point out it is hardly a coincidence Maryland is heavily promoting the color red for their game against Ohio State.

The Buckeyes are known for having a strong traveling fan base who will all likely be at the game on Saturday sporting their red jerseys and shirts. Maryland probably hopes that getting everyone in the crowd to wear red will make it difficult for tell the difference between who is wearing red for the Terps and who is doing it for the Buckeyes.