Faye Webster is not afraid to bare it all — from lovesick longing to her eBay purchase history with her new album Underdressed at the Symphony.

The indie-alternative powerhouse released her fifth studio album on Friday. Webster has steadily rocketed to fame, especially throughout the virality of her songs, “I Know You” and “Right Side of My Neck.” 

The new album features 10 tracks, with four songs — “Feeling Good Today,” “Lego Ring,” “Lifetime” and “But Not Kiss” — released as singles earlier this year and last year. 

Webster dives deep into the paradox and complications that come with pursuing love in “But Not Kiss.” The track features a soulful piano paired with Webster’s light and breathy voice as she ruminates back and forth between the ideas of right person, wrong time. “I want to see you in my dreams, but then forget / We’re meant to be but not yet.” 

On “Wanna Quit All The Time,” the singer-songwriter taps into her signature western-alternative twang prominent in her previous works. 

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With the whine of a guitar that could appear in a retro cowboy story, Webster delves into a tireless desire to quit “all the time” due to the overwhelming amount of attention she receives and her defeatist outlook on her actions. A contrast of emotions shines in her signature airy melodies and beats, accompanied by the light piano riffs and drop of the drums,

While still using this signature indie sound throughout the album, Webster was not afraid to become experimental and playful with her craft. 

The track “Lego Ring” is a collaboration between Webster and rapper Lil Yachty. According to W Magazine, the duo have been friends since middle school. She pairs her delicate vocals  against Lil Yachty’s autotuned and electronic sounds for an eccentric track. 

The song’s whimsical nature plays with the idea of a Lego ring and the attachment the pair have to it, even though it hurts, alluding to the pain that comes with stepping on Lego brick toys. 

“eBay Purchase History” sees Webster utilize an acoustic guitar and light bell chimes to describe what feels like rambling thoughts. The lyrics start with her hobbies: “You should see my eBay purchase history / You could learn a lot about me / I could build and paint all day.” 

Webster ties the album together with an everlasting spiral in the track, “Tttttime,” which wanders off through its upbeat jazz style, steady drum beat and bass line. 

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She takes her audience through what feels like a passage of time, singing “I get lost / In a song / Take a walk, call my mom / Don’t go out anymore / In a half hour, I’ll be bored.” Webster reminisces on her days and makes the audience feel like they’re watching time pass by with her. 

Though Webster attempts to make music in new ways with her experimental portions of the album, she’s also not afraid to stay in touch with the roots of her music while still discovering new ways to express her art.