By Chelsea Collier, Shifra Dayak, Madi Eades, Marijke Friedman, Apurva Mahajan, Varun Shankar and Hannah Ziegler

Pop culture lovers everywhere embarked on a red carpet roller coaster on Saturday for the 30th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards. 

On a night when The Bear and Oppenheimer won big, there were far fewer awards for famous actors’ red carpet fashion. The SAG red carpet was home to a multitude of style blunders — from Joey King’s clashing Givenchy gown to Tracee Ellis Ross’ uninspired Balmain number. 

Staff members from across The Diamondback’s newsroom reviewed the SAG’s good, bad and ugly fashion moments. Here’s what stood out.

Jeremy Allen White 

Shoutout to my short king for knowing the rule of thirds. White, the star of The Bear and The Iron Claw, donned ivory on white. The two similar colors played off each other with a subtle contrast.

White won two SAG Awards for The Bear, but he also won by wearing a Tiffany & Co. diamond bird-shaped brooch on his left lapel, a subtle flash of color that brought the whole look together. — Varun Shankar, sports editor

(Screenshot via YouTube)

Billie Eilish 

What are we doing? Eilish looks disheveled with an untucked shirt and poorly-tied tie hanging below the end of a tan sheer vest. Her shabby appearance does align with her previous fashion choices, but at some point, Eilish may want to ask herself why her style is identical to that of a private school kid who overslept. — Varun Shankar, sports editor

Ali Wong

Ali Wong was an immediate contender for the night’s best look when she strutted the carpet in a 3D, black-and-white geometric gown. Her Iris Van Herpen dress had dozens of kite-like appendages that protruded from the dress’ fitted bodice. The gown’s sleeves jutted up into a triangular shape, making Wong’s silhouette mimic a butterfly that had emerged from a cocoon.

It was almost like Wong waltzed into a modern art exhibit, plucked an abstract painting from the wall and repurposed it into one of awards seasons’ most show-stopping fashion moments. Wong, who won an award Saturday for her performance in Beef, complimented the extravagant look with a sleek high ponytail, white shoulder-length earrings and her signature glasses. — Hannah Ziegler, editor in chief

(Screenshot via YouTube)

Margot Robbie 

After being snubbed by the Academy for Best Actress, this look is yet another awards season slight against Margot Robbie. The Barbie star can usually pull off anything, but this ensemble did everything in its power to make her look silly.

The Schiaparelli dress stayed true to the classic pink aesthetics Robbie has stunned in during her Barbie era. Still, the look’s pastel drapery fell somewhere between resembling a sleeping bag and a bustle, which ultimately made the look an awkward failure. — Chelsea Collier, copy editor

(Screenshot via YouTube)

Glen Powell

Anything but this would have been a better ensemble for Glen Powell. The Anyone But You and Twisters actor wore a shiny Brioni tuxedo jacket with his left sleeve rolled up just a bit to make sure his luxury Swiss watch was visible

His jacket and shirt were reminiscent of a 3D optical illusion that changes image or color depending on which way you tilt your head. If you look at him just right, you get either green or brown, though the entire thing looks a little off, and his stark black pants and lapel don’t help his situation at all. — Apurva Mahajan, managing editor

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Halle Bailey

There were many lackluster looks at the SAG awards, but Halle Bailey’s was not one of them.  

Bailey looked timeless in an impeccably fitting burgundy Dolce and Gabbana gown that featured long flowing lines beneath layers of tulle. Despite only receiving one nomination for her role in The Color Purple, Bailey still invoked her Disney princess role with a mermaid silhouette.

The look gave the type of mermaid glamor matched only by the sexy fish from Shark Tale. There’s not much else to say. Thank you, Halle Bailey. — Chelsea Collier, copy editor

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Tracee Ellis Ross

This outfit is egregious. Ellis Ross’ custom Balmain look embraces many of the brand’s signature staples, such as gold statement buttons and padded shoulders. The look resembled that of a middle school substitute teacher — a black-and-white polka dot maxi skirt, a black and gold buttoned blouse and matching purse.

As far as Balmain’s bread and butter goes, this ensemble is fine. The outfit’s silhouette is interesting, but far from show-stopping. I expected more from the American Fiction star. — Hannah Ziegler, editor in chief

(Screenshot via YouTube)

Tyler James Williams

It’s always a pleasant surprise when male actors prove their creativity and show up in literally anything other than a black tuxedo. Tyler James Williams rose to the occasion, catching people’s eyes in a powder-blue Amiri suit. The ensemble was paired with a mesh shirt, adding a touch of modernity and fun to an otherwise perfectly classic silhouette.

Sparkles also exponentially elevate any suit, so I’m 100 percent on board with the Abbott Elementary actor’s fashion choices. His subtle silver jewelry, by Aequa & Co., was the perfect finishing touch — it matched the suit’s silver buttons and really tied the outfit together.  Other men, take notes and do better next time.  — Shifra Dayak, news and general assignment editor

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway stunned in an archival Atelier Versace off-the-shoulder cerulean gown paired with a snake-shaped Bulgari diamond necklace and a silver clutch. The dress’ hue and its wide, eye-catching belt paid homage to Meryl Streep’s iconic monologue in The Devil Wears Prada, where Streep’s character Miranda Priestly mercilessly berates Hathaway’s Andy Sachs for her “lumpy” cerulean — not turquoise or lapis — blue sweater while deciding between a pair of belts

Hathaway and her The Devil Wears Prada co-stars, Meryl Streep and Emily Blunt, reunited on stage Saturday to deliver the award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Comedy Series. — Apurva Mahajan, managing editor

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Emily Blunt

If there’s one thing Emily Blunt knows how to do, it’s remaining simple yet chic on the red carpet. Blunt, who was nominated for her role in Oppenheimer, blinded the SAG carpet in her sleek, ruby-red Louis Vuitton gown.

Blunt oozed elegance on the carpet, pairing her gown with an ensemble of jewelry. Most notable was the Tiffany & Co. necklace in 18k yellow gold and platinum embellished in diamonds that highlighted her gown’s deep plunge. Blunt’s gown, intentional or not, was the perfect fit for The Devil Wears Prada’s on-stage reunion. — Madi Eades, deputy engagement editor

Meryl Streep 

Despite being a Prada dress, Streep’s outfit paled in comparison to her The Devil Wears Prada co-stars. The ill-fitting sheer burgundy dress looked like a poorly-designed curtain. And what was the pattern that dotted the dress supposed to be? It’d take a meteorologist to tell you what those silver swirls are. Are they hurricanes? Tornadoes? Either way, Streep’s outfit was a natural disaster. The metallic accessories and updo did nothing to help. Streep was nominated at the SAG Awards with her castmates on Only Murders in the Building. But trust me, Meryl, no one would kill for this look. – Marijke Friedman, assistant news and general assignment editor 

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Joey King

“Nearly translucent” must have been Joey King’s inner mantra as she chose her red carpet look. The Kissing Booth star stepped onto the carpet in nude-colored, see-through heels, giving the carpet nothing. King paired a gown from the Givenchy spring 2024 with the sheer pumps, though it looks to be straight out of the 90s.

Over the years, we have witnessed crimes against the fashion world in the form of King’s carpet looks. This year is no different. The dress itself is simple and chic, but the large black piece of fabric over her chest clashes with the rest of the outfit. It looks unfinished. Pair the eyesore of black fabric with the sheer gloves that look like Grandma’s old pantyhose, the clunky rings on top and the banana clip — the look loses its simplicity and becomes incohesive.  — Madi Eades, deputy engagement editor

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Jennifer Aniston 

Jennifer Aniston stunned in silver on Saturday. The sexy slit and simple accessories only added to Aniston’s natural sparkle. Aniston’s blunt haircut was reminiscent of her days on Friends. Everything about her ensemble was pure perfection. I mean, it’s Jennifer Aniston. Who’s surprised? – Marijke Friedman, assistant news and general assignment editor 

Maddie Ziegler

As a former avid Dance Moms watcher, I was hoping for more from Maddie Ziegler. Unfortunately, the child-reality-star-turned-actress showed up on the red carpet looking like she crawled straight out of a crypt. She donned a sheer white dress adorned with tattered strips of fabric and featuring an asymmetrical neckline. Her intention may have been eye-catching and elevated, but in reality, she gave mummy. 

Ziegler decided to go vintage on Saturday. Her dress was the “little sister” of a piece from Alexander McQueen’s 2003 collection — but it fell flat compared to the original piece, which was a longer, fuller version better suited to the tattered fabric and off-white color. Her accessories were the ensemble’s only redeeming factor, with her white block heeled sandals stealing the show.Shifra Dayak, news and general assignment editor

Pedro Pascal 

He’s giving pirate. — Hannah Ziegler, editor in chief

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