Water supply was restored across the University of Maryland Monday night after a water main break affected nearly 50 campus buildings during the day.

This university is expecting a return to normal campus operations Tuesday, according to a campus-wide email sent Monday night.

“Crews have been working diligently throughout the day to identify the source of the break,” the email said. “Repairs have now been completed and water pressure is returning to normal levels across campus.”

The main break on Monday morning left at least 26 dorms and 21 university buildings, including McKeldin Library, without water.

Classes were not physically held in university buildings impacted by the break, which caused water to pour down Preinkert Drive towards Mowatt Lane Garage.

[UPDATED: Dozens of UMD buildings, dorms still without water after ‘massive’ main break]

Due to the water main break, students in the North Hill area, which includes Queen Anne’s, St. Mary’s and other dorms, could not access bathroom, shower or kitchen facilities in their dorms. Students were encouraged to go to Johnson-Whittle and Pyon-Chen halls for bathroom and shower facilities. This university also installed 48 portable toilets for North Hill residents, according to a Monday afternoon university email.

Facilities Management and Residential facilities will confirm water was restored in each affected building Monday evening, according to the university’s Monday night email.

Residential facilities said in an email that water pressure was already restored for South Hill dorms at about 3 p.m. Monday.

Despite the restorations, McKeldin Library will remain closed for the remainder of Monday evening.