A lighthearted TikTok and a FaceTime screenshot has led to yet another revival of the ongoing Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber drama. And just like always, fans can’t get enough. 

The sudden onset of scrutiny mostly stems from fan speculation that Bieber has been subtly making fun of Gomez through her social media for years. Every time something is posted, liked or followed in a way that could be construed as contributing to the drama, it is. 

Despite the celebrities’ past efforts to convince fans there are no hard feelings, speculators continue to find instances that they feel debunks their reconciliation. Social media users dig  for anything that could fit their narrative. 

This time around, the rumors began again after Gomez posted a video to TikTok, seemingly making fun of herself for over-laminating her eyebrows. The video alone was no cause for concern. But it soon became widely controversial and continued the longstanding feud.

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After the video, Kylie Jenner took to her Instagram story, posting a picture of herself with the caption “this was an accident?????” Quickly after, she also posted a photo of her and Bieber on FaceTime, with both of their cameras focused on their eyebrows. 

The internet went crazy, as self-proclaimed social media analysts started to pick apart a timeline of the entire alleged feud. 

Admittedly, this instance did feel slightly targeted toward Gomez. However, users’ desperation for constant fighting and gossip is out of control and largely unproductive. 

Many have resorted to calling Bieber a “mean girl,” saying she is never going to outgrow her supposed jealousy of Gomez. 

Although both Bieber and Gomez have pleaded for fans to stop, they remain committed to pitting these two women against each other. But despite fans’ constant criticism of these women, some also claim the fighting should be put to rest.

Still, the years of drawn out obsession over the “feud” seem to contradict those saying the fighting should stop. So why does the internet seem to want this fight so badly?

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The most recent drama arose just a month after the two were in the spotlight for a TikTok Bieber posted, which many people assumed to be making fun of paparazzi photos taken of Gomez. Soon after the criticism, Bieber deleted the video. 

People often hold celebrities on a pedestal, and it’s easy to convince ourselves we know everything about these people’s lives. Despite public fascination and invasive “research” done by internet sleuths, we truly don’t know anything. 

This onset of drama has only led to even more nitpicking, alongside rude and unnecessary commentary of Gomez and Bieber. This cycle perpetuated by fans ultimately only causes more harm. 

If we claim to really care about Bieber and Gomez, the best thing to do is stop attempting to create drama where it might not even exist.

In her most recent Tiktok, Gomez urges users to “Please, please be kinder and consider others’ mental health.” Bieber has spoken similarly in the past, asking fans to simply just leave her alone. 

This fight is unproductive and unnecessary for everyone involved. Seeing as their perceived feud has only caused both women to receive even more hate, it’s important to take a breath and remember that these are real people too.