Episode 10 of season 15 marks a major pivot within the season: It is the last episode in the 60-minute time slot. 

In the fallout from last week’s episode, the queens are sad to see Spice leave and celebrate Sasha Colby being the first queen to win two main challenges. The queens then begin to poke fun at Loosey LaDuca for her intense drive to win. Loosey and Mistress Isabelle Brooks have a little back and forth, and Loosey mentions how people are underestimating her even though she won three challenges: one main challenge and two minis.

On a spiritual level, I relate to Loosey’s delusion but in reality, all I can do is roll my eyes. Tensions get even higher when Marcia Marcia Marcia talks about how she thought she should’ve been in the top, causing Loosey to ask Mistress if she’s going to attack Marcia like she does to her. Mistress blows a kiss at Loosey and calls her a bitch.

The next day, RuPaul walks into the Werk Room and announces the main challenge. The queens will be split into three groups and must do a series of interviews on the new deep dive journalism show 50/50. Luxx Noir London, Mistress Isabelle Brooks and Salina EsTitties will interview Love Connie, Loosey LaDuca, Malaysia Babydoll Foxx and Anetra will interview Frankie Grande, and finally, Marcia Marcia Marcia and Sasha Colby will interview Charo.

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The groups get into it and discuss who will do each interview segment: the sitdown, the activity and the walk-and-talk interview. Every group seems to be a little nervous because they’re all interviewing different eccentric personalities. 

We then go to each interview segment. The interviews are “live” meaning they have a single chance to do it.

First up was Team Love Connie, and all around, the team was weak. Salina struggled to have a flow and conversation in the sitdown with Connie because Connie was going on extreme tangents. She wasn’t listening to Connie and kept interrupting her. Luxx did the walk-and-talk interview and was super strong. She volleyed well with Connie and matched her larger-than-life energy. Mistress was drowning with Connie in the activity and made it impossible to watch, and she couldn’t hold a conversation.

Next was Team Charo, and Sasha shined while Marcia struggled. Sasha did the activity, and the moment she let go of the reins and met Charo’s energy in the middle, the interview was super fun. Marcia was struggling because she couldn’t really listen and understand Charo, and it just seemed like she wasn’t engaged. 

Finally was Team Frankie, and this team had an unfair advantage with their celebrity. While Frankie Grande is larger than life, he’s not nearly as out there as Love Connie or Charo. Loosey had a really strong sit-down and had great energy with Frankie. Anetra was a lot of fun in the walk-and-talk activity, but it took her a moment to warm up. Malaysia was a dumpster fire. I don’t think she asked Frankie a single question — Frankie asked all the questions.

The next day, the queens get ready for the Night of 1000 Beyoncés runway. Sasha tells a little anecdote about how she was friends with some of Beyoncé’s dancers before her Sasha Fierce era and alludes to the fact that Sasha Colby might be the inspiration for Sasha Fierce.

We hit the runway, and I was underwhelmed. I hope Luxx and Sasha are OK because they’re carrying the runway on their backs week after week. MTV owes them compensation for their chiropractor bills. 

Luxx’s Bob Mackie recreation was stunning; she was radiant. Sasha doing the 2006 BET performance was also gorgeous. I liked Mistress’ campy yet glamorous approach to the Destiny’s Child look with The Muppets.

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The only truly weak looks were Marcia and Loosey. Marcia didn’t recreate her look at all, and Loosey missed the most important part of the VMA “Love on Top” performance look: the pregnant belly. I would’ve loved to see some newer Beyoncé references like Malaysia did, and I was surprised there were no Lemonade looks. 

The tops are Luxx, Sasha and Loosey while the bottoms are Malaysia, Salina and Mistress. Sasha is announced the winner, and I don’t disagree, but all I will say is Luxx needs to file a police report as she was robbed two weeks in a row now. Malaysia and Salina are the bottom two and lip-sync to “Single Ladies” by Beyoncé. 

While the lip-sync was not strong, Salina still had a strong performance. Salina wins the lip-sync and unfortunately, Malaysia is told to sashay away. I’m sad to see Malaysia go as I felt she brought such a light to the Werk Room.