After the lip sync LaLaPaRuza and Jax’s elimination, the episode begins the next day. Anetra is feeling shaken by having to lip sync so many times, and Spice claims to officially begin her “top era.”

RuPaul enters the Werk Room and announces there will finally be a mini challenge: The queens will be photobombing iconic Drag Race moments from the past 15 seasons. Some moments included the crowning of Jinkx Monsoon, Miss Vanjie’s season 10 elimination and Laganja Estranja’s Werk Room entrance. I thought each queen had a really funny moment, and all stood out to me. Anetra wins the mini challenge. 

Ru then announces for the maxi challenge, the queens will be participating in the Crystal Ball. In typical Drag Race ball challenge format, the queens must serve three different looks in three different categories, with the final look being made in the Werk Room by the queens themselves. 

The categories were “Start Your Engines,” a look inspired by RuPaul’s racing suit outfit, “My Favorite Ball,” a look inspired by a previous ball challenge final category and “Crystalized Eleganza,” a look decked out in crystals to celebrate the 15th anniversary of RuPaul’s Drag Race and its 200th episode. According to Ru, the traditional gift for a 15th anniversary is crystal.

I really enjoy seeing the ball challenge because it really challenges queens to think outside of the box. Generally, the categories are pretty vague, so the ways the queens interpret the looks they bring really shows their creative ability. 

Instantly, there’s chaos as the queens charge the table of materials for the final look category. Sasha Colby notices she’s the only one who grabbed gold materials for her final look while a majority of the queens grabbed silver. 

Construction commences, and we get a walkaround from RuPaul and Carson Kressley. The main standout moment was when Spice got the Amethyst treatment from the episode she was eliminated on. It feels as if not only Ru, but Carson as well, was telling her: “You are on borrowed time” and “Start packing now.”

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We also see Mistress Isabelle Brooks poking fun at Loosey LaDuca about her extreme fire to win and disdain for not being in the top during “The Daytona Wind 2.” There is something about Loosey’s attitude in the competition that is kind of off-putting. She carries herself with an air of feeling she’s above the other queens but at the same time, it’s not as if she doesn’t have the talent to back up her chops. 

The next day as the queens are getting ready for the Crystal Ball, Anetra opens up about how she hasn’t spoken to her mom in years. It was really emotional hearing Anetra tell her story, and it showed us a different side of who she is. We also see the queens talk about some of their favorite moments in 200 episodes of Drag Race

Personally, I think one of the best Drag Race moments of all time was in season two during the wedding challenge when Tatianna said on the main stage, “I don’t think that you’re seeing that Tyra’s a complete bitch.” The whole conflict snowballs into Tyra Sanchez asking every queen on stage if they think she’s a bitch is a chef’s kiss of a moment.

We hit the main stage, and before the queens walk the runway we get a performance of Rupaul’s song “Cake & Candy,” from RuPaul. Ru performing on Drag Race typically means she sways from side to side and claps while half naked men do the heavy lifting to make her look good. Regardless, I always love it.

As much as I would love to talk about each queen and each look, I am on a strict word count, so I’ll do highs and lows from each category. 

Start Your Engine

I was most excited about this category. The Ru racing suit is a staple piece of Drag Race iconography. Overall, I thought every queen was pretty strong. Spice, Mistress and Salina EsTitties really did it for me in this category. I also have to say, I hate you Sasha Colby, because oh my god, did she look gorgeous. Her figure is insane, and she was just radiant. I only felt Loosey was not that great.

My Favorite Ball

I was honestly let down by this category. For some reason, season 12 and 13’s Ball and Bag Balls, respectively, were the reference point the most. Spice and Mistress both did the Ball Ball and Marcia Marcia Marcia, Loosey and Sasha all did the Bag Ball. This category goes to Luxx Noir London hands down. Luxx just has such a distinct point of view on fashion and knows how to present herself. Sasha did well in this category as well, while Salina and Loosey really floundered.

Crystalized Eleganza

Overall, no queen did extremely bad. None of these looks will go down in history with looks like LaLa Ri in the Bag Ball as the worst look to ever be on the main stage. This category goes to Anetra for her look — she was radiant. The crystal spike detail was so gorgeous, and the construction of the garment was phenomenal. Sasha and Luxx also absolutely demolished this category. Luxx gave us something different by doing her crystal fairy look, and Sasha looked stunning in her golden goddess look.

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This week really emphasized something I wrote about previously with Loosey. Her look was based on a pageant contestant who lost and was crying and going crazy. Once again, Loosey used a character that isn’t her as a scapegoat. I don’t know a lot about Loosey besides the characters she can do.

The tops are announced to be Sasha, Mistress and Anetra with Loosey, Spice and Salina in the bottom. I don’t get why Luxx wasn’t in the top. I would’ve put her there instead of Mistress. 

Sasha is announced the winner of the challenge, and I completely agree. She had a complete package that showed us range and versatility. The bottom two are announced to be Spice and Salina. 

I’ve been back and forth on this since the episode aired. Salina looked stunning in her last look, but it didn’t fit the best. I thought Spice was fine, but I guess next to everyone else she looked the worst. The two lip sync to “That’s What I Want” by Lil Nas X and this lip sync was … interesting. 

Salina took a different approach of being very emotional, but that energy doesn’t fit the beat of the song. She had some high energy moments, but it was okay. Spice actually very much held her own, and I almost thought she was going to win the lip sync. 

Salina is announced the winner of the lip sync, and I can’t decide if I agree or disagree. Truthfully, I think Ru was just so done with Spice, so she sent her home. I really fell in love with her this season, but it was finally her time to go.