Artists lined the red carpet for the 2023 Grammy Awards Sunday night in personality-driven outfits that reflected their music and predicted upcoming fashion trends.

Seeing what artists choose for their tour outfits — and how many outfit changes they have during a show — always amazes me because their looks tie seamlessly into the music they perform. Award shows give these artists a chance to wear something even more powerful and bold because their outfits don’t require them to run around a stage, giving them the opportunity to go above and beyond with looks that represent their music personalities.

The competition was fierce this year, but a couple of attendees stole the show.

Kim Petras, Sam Smith, Violet Chachki and Gottmik

This group blew me away with their coordinated bright red looks that somehow managed to both stand out and blend in with the red carpet. They each had very unique, all-red outfits with jewelry and shoes to go with their gowns. Kim Petras wore a floor-length red veil and a big gemmed necklace, while Sam Smith wore a full-bodied blown-out gown with a matching bejeweled cane and a top hat. Violet Chachki wore a stunning mesh dress with ruffles, and Gottmik showed off some pointy pumps in a leather fit.

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Cardi B

Cardi B never ceases to amaze me at every red carpet I watch. She wore a floor-length royal blue gown with a long train. The gown seamlessly blended into a stiff, asymmetric, veil-like fabric that partially covered her face and made her look almost magically wind-blown at all times on the carpet.

Shania Twain

I love a bold pantsuit, and Shania Twain dressed to impress. Twain wore a white pantsuit with large black, sparkly dots and adorned the look with a matching sky-high hat bearing a large brim. The monochrome look made her bright red hair pop, and her makeup as well as her jewelry tied the look together.

Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna wore a bodysuit enclosed with feathers, imitating an image of a black swan. Her outfit gave ballerina from Swan Lake vibes, and her elegant posing on the red carpet really tied in with this. Chyna also had a stunning mosaic of jewels across her outfit and incorporated some gems into her dramatic, smudged eye makeup, which truly made this outfit a beautiful and cohesive piece.

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Harry Styles

Of course Harry Styles wore something very Harry Styles. His red carpet outfit consisted of low-cut, sparkly, flared rainbow overalls with no shirt. The diamond patchwork pattern was bright and colorful and paired well with a nice, white boot underneath. His red carpet outfit was uncannily similar to the red overalls that he’s seen wearing in his “As It Was” music video.

Looking at the fashion choices these artists made on the red carpet Sunday is a great way to predict fashion trends for the upcoming year. Based on what I saw, bold, confident and coordinated looks are in for 2023, and I’m excited to see what’s on display in upcoming award shows.