From health care to dining options, new businesses are coming to College Park’s Aster apartment complex located at 4400 Calvert Road. Here’s the latest on a few of the new businesses.

Roots Natural Kitchen

Roots Natural Kitchen plans to open April 1, said advertising director Larissa Caballero.

The restaurant offers salads and grain bowls, Caballero said. Its most popular bowl is the El Jefe which has brown rice, kale, chipotle-style chicken, vegetables and a housemade cilantro lime dressing.

“We believe that people should feel good about what they’re eating,” Caballero said. “It should empower people, that eating naturally and eating great should be one in the same.”

Roots Natural Kitchen offers limited-time menus every semester, catering, delivery services through their app and promotions for residents at nearby apartments.

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The Joint Chiropractic

Construction is slated to begin the week of Feb. 6 for the Joint Chiropractic, which plans to open at the beginning of May, according to operations manager Cortney Stewart. Specials will include a free initial visit for all new patients.

Patients can subscribe to chiropractic care for $89 a month or can pay per visit, Stewart said. The Joint Chiropractic offers back adjustments, alignment and stretching .

“It’s quick, it’s modern, it’s affordable,” Stewart said. “I’m excited, especially with [our] location right by UMD.”

Bandit Taco

Bandit Taco has had issues with its development company and had to postpone opening, said Ricardo Ortiz, one of the owners and the manager of the U-Street Corridor restaurant in Washington, D.C. They hope to open in June or July.

The restaurant aims for simple and fresh ingredients while being as authentic as they can be, Ortiz said.

“We take pride in the food that we make,” Ortiz said. “Everything was made in-house.”

In addition to tacos, the restaurant serves burritos, bowls and tortas.

Bandit Taco has different specials such as Taco Tuesday and discounts for students, police and firefighters.
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Crunch Fitness

Crunch Fitness opened at the end of January adjacent to Trader Joe’s, according to Kendara Bacon, the general manager for Crunch Fitness’ College Park location.

The new gym offers an alternative to on-campus gyms at Ritchie Coliseum and Eppley Recreation Center. Membership fees will range from $25 to $40 per month, Bacon said.

“Everyone is always looking for something different,” Bacon said. “You meet all different types of people, all looking for different things.”

Group fitness classes, including cycling and High-Intensity Interval Training class, will also be offered.

“We know that a lot of athletes don’t really like to participate in classes because … most athletes are just above that class level,” Bacon said. “But the HIIT class is going to be awesome for those athletes just to give them that extra challenge that they’re probably looking for.”

Other businesses coming to the area around Aster include PNC Bank, Inspire Nail and All Care urgent care.