It’s that time of the year again — finals season is upon us. Bundling up to go to the library for hours of studying might be in your near future, but it doesn’t need to look bleak. Downloading a fun, cozy idle game on your phone is just what you need to take healthy breaks during study sessions.

An idle game is one that runs in the background, continuing to progress the game even when the user is not actively playing it. Many phone mobile apps take advantage of this system and will limit the number of actions you can perform at one time, often charging money to speed up wait times. 

These limits present an opportunity to play a game that won’t suck you in for too long. You can check on an idle game every now and then to collect progress and perform an action or two, and then you can let it sit for hours and still make game progress. This curated list of cozy idle games are perfect for study breaks, and their cute appearance is relaxing.

Animal Restaurant

Want a game that’s just as cute to look at as it is to play? Then this game is for you. Animal Restaurant is a management simulation game that places you as the owner of a restaurant with the ability to expand and upgrade as you get more customers. Active playing in this game mostly relies on tapping, which promotes your restaurant and brings in customers. However, you can let this game sit for 12 hours to earn money and rewards from timed orders and other features. 

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Egg, Inc.

Selling eggs may not be the most interesting game you’ve ever pictured, but Egg. Inc. is scarily addicting for an idle game. Upgrade housing and amenities for chickens to lay different kinds of eggs that sell for insane prices. This game also relies on tapping when active playing and continues to earn a profit when you leave the game, allowing you to check up on it every couple of hours.

Cats & Soup

This game is absolutely adorable and has some beautiful visuals and music, plus it showcases two of my favorite things: cats and soup. Add to the world of soup creation by having cats cook all the different pieces, from stirring the soup to cutting carrots to slicing cabbage. The more you upgrade, the more soup you make to earn more money.

Terrarium: Garden Idle

Tap on your plants to earn currency, which you can spend on leveling up your plant and making it grow. This game is very simple and has some cute relaxing sounds. Since this game is quite simple and relaxing, it isn’t addicting and is a great game for a short break that won’t get you too invested.

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Exponential Idle

If you want to stay in the zone while taking a break, try Exponential Idle. The goal of the game is to take advantage of exponential growth and earn money, starting with an equation your professor gave to you. Progress time by tapping, or let time pass at a natural rate. As you earn money, you can purchase variables to incorporate into your equation to speed up your earnings.