The VeoRide e-scooter fleet at the University of Maryland added more scooters over the summer and introduced electric bikes for students to get around the campus.

The Department of Transportation Services said in a statement that VeoRide’s fleet has expanded leading up to this semester and will continue to expand. During the summer, there were up to 200 vehicles in operation. Now the number is 250 and by the end of September, it’s expected to be 300, DOTS said.

Among these new vehicles is the Cosmo-E class II e-bike, which is designed with both a throttle-assist motor and pedals to make it easier for riders of varying physical abilities to ride long distances comfortably while maintaining balance and control, according to a statement from VeoRide.

DOTS referred to the bikes as “sit-down scooters” that don’t require pedaling and said they are among the latest innovations in the shared micromobility field.

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According to DOTS, the university negotiated this increase in vehicles with VeoRide, the city of College Park and the town of University Park based on adherence to parking regulations, user demand and bringing more sustainable micromobility options to the community.

The city of College Park’s relationship with VeoRide continues to be positive since the contract was renewed in April 2022, Mayor Patrick Wojahn said.

Part of VeoRide’s continued presence in the city is rectifying issues with improper scooter parking, Wojahn said. One of the city’s conditions for VeoRide’s contract renewal this past spring was that in response to resident concerns, scooters should be parked in designated parking locations within a designated amount of time.

“We haven’t [asked] residents recently to know … but [in] my personal experience just seeing around the city, they’re doing a better job,” Wojahn said.