Today marks the beginning of, arguably, the best part of the year. Sept. 23 is the beginning of Libra season, for our charming and frustratingly indecisive friends. 

From a fellow Libra, this is a love letter to you, another beautiful and beaming Libra:

First of all, happy (early) birthday. It’s been a year since your last birthday, I know! 

Sometimes you may feel forgotten or underrated, especially in those TikToks that post “*insert noun* based on your Zodiac sign” in only one part. I promise you are important, and everyone loves you.

I’m serious. Literally, everyone loves you. You are charming, graceful and intelligent. And while this is wonderful, take the time to make space for yourself. When you hand out your spoons to others, you often forget to leave one for yourself.

While you must be honest with others, it’s also most important to be honest with yourself. Equity and balance cannot only be served by you — let reality do it for you.

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And with balance, take the time to plan silences in your day. You deserve an hour to be human, alone, without the company of others. Truthfully, you are the most radiant gem that needs time to realign.

Your courage and strength is impressive. I’m here to tell you that you are doing a magnificent job, and we can all see you are trying your best, even though we know you expect nothing less than perfection.

I hope you find yourself becoming the most honest version of yourself on your own terms. I hope success comes easily for you and comes to you at a time that makes sense for you, not just when everyone else earns it.

And let go of what others think of you — comparison kills the spirit. Focus on only what you can control, and bring balance to this. 

And I could tell you to “be yourself,” but that’s a pathetic attempt at making you feel special. I’ll give you the best possible advice I could offer: Stop apologizing for things that make you feel comfortable. No one will be upset with you if you eat Oreos instead of Clif bars for a midday snack — Oreos are so good.

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You are the best kind of person there is. Libras are like major seventh chords in music. If you don’t know what that is, it’s OK, click here while I explain. 

You are familiar but with just a hint of something new every time. You serve as a comforting presence to others, like a typical major chord, while making things new and frankly refreshing, the seventh.

OK, too niche. You’re like a gently scented candle, maybe fresh linen sheets, and your existence fills the room with not only the warmth of the candle but the scent and also the mere sight of it — just looking at you is like looking at a candle. 

You bring so much joy to our lives. We are simply glad that you’re here.

I hope you know what you want for your birthday. You probably don’t know, but here’s an idea: Ask someone to pay for your next grocery store trip, and make it a little luxurious. Thank me later.

With the most amount of love, happy birthday to you.