By Max Appell
For The Diamondback

Two and a half years ago, University of Maryland student Drew Haas would have never believed her summertime hobby of cookie baking would amount to anything. Now, her company has grown to making an average of about 180 cookies a day at its full capacity.

Cookies by Drew is based in Bethesda but ships to all 50 states. With more than 14,000 followers on Instagram, the business has become popular in this university’s community, as well as across parts of the country. The company has also catered events ranging from bar mitzvahs to weddings.

Orders can be placed through the company’s website, email or a Google Form.

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“Something that’s really special is that my mom and grandma are a really big part of it,” Haas said. “I give them so much credit because if they couldn’t help me when I went to college, there is no way this would still be up and running.”

Haas, a sophomore enrolled in letters and sciences, has had a love for baking cookies ever since she started baking with her grandmother at a young age.

While Haas attends classes at this university, her mother, Keri Haas, helps run the business. Drew Haas does not have access to the same kitchen at this university, so she is unable to make cookies while at College Park but hopes to find a suitable kitchen in the future.

Keri Haas has catered events in Bethesda and baked cookies. She also monitors emails, plans charity events and keeps Drew Haas in touch with her attorney.

“Drew’s never had it any other way. She doesn’t really take no for an answer. She doesn’t look at the downside,” Keri Haas said. “She just keeps putting one foot in front of the other, and when I see her operate like that, I’m in awe following in her footsteps.”

The cookies are all made with the same dough recipe from Haas’ grandmother, but she makes additions for different flavors based on suggestions she gets from customers. One of her favorite cookies is the circus cookie, made with nonpareils, animal crackers and white chocolate chips.

Haas has fulfilled several orders for students since returning to campus. In the last month alone, she said she sold over 1,500 cookies, including 900 at her Union Market pop-up shop.

“That drive that she has is what keeps her going with the business,” said Natalie Berman, a senior communication major. “It’s incredible that she’s still doing it while she’s in college on top of her schoolwork and everything.”

Berman heard about Cookies by Drew from a mutual friend. Once she got in contact with Haas and tried her cookies, she became a huge fan.

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“It is unique, the cookies are thick and have many flavors,” Berman said in a message. “I would 100 percent choose Cookies by Drew over Insomnia.”

Haas has also been able to use Cookies by Drew to raise awareness and money for foundations such as St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. She expressed how she thinks it is important to give back to the community through her business.

Cookies by Drew has also hosted multiple pop-ups at this university. Haas hopes to dedicate her full time to Cookies by Drew after college and find a permanent storefront for the business.