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Big Ten universities have so far differed in the percent of their communities vaccinated against COVID-19.

The University of Maryland is among the nine of 14 Big Ten universities that have mandated the vaccine. This university’s mandate came after University System of Maryland Chancellor Jay Perman announced a systemwide vaccine mandate that applies to all students, faculty and staff. The mandate also allows people with religious and medical protections to not be vaccinated.

“What we know is that the best way to keep this community safe is for people to be vaccinated,” Student Affairs Vice President Patty Perillo said. “So, we’re doing our part and for faculty and staff, we’re holding them accountable too.”

This university has offered two vaccine metrics on its COVID-19 dashboard: an overall vaccination rate among all community members and a daily vaccination rate of all people currently on campus.

The current overall vaccination rate is 94.3 percent. The vaccination rate of all people on campus on Tuesday was 97.7 percent.

But Big Ten universities differ in vaccine requirements and how they have reported their vaccination rates, with some disclosing student vaccination rates and others not disclosing any vaccine data.

Here’s how the rest of the Big Ten stacks up against this university.

Indiana University

According to Indiana University’s online dashboard, 91.8 percent of the overall university population at Bloomington is partially or fully vaccinated. This consists of students, faculty and staff.

Michigan State University

Michigan State University did not respond to The Diamondback’s request for vaccination data. The school does not have the data online.

Northwestern University

Northwestern University did not respond to The Diamondback’s request for vaccination data. The school also does not have the data online.

Ohio State University

A spokesperson from Ohio State University reported that 77 percent of students, faculty and staff had received at least one dose of a vaccine. The school has a vaccine mandate in place. 

Pennsylvania State University

Pennsylvania State University is another school that strongly encourages but does not require the vaccine. They are still gathering data, spokesperson Wyatt DuBois said. According to a news release, 80 percent of its students are fully vaccinated as of Aug. 30.

[UMD disenrolled 79 students for vaccine noncompliance]

Purdue University

Purdue University also has an online dashboard that contains vaccine information. According to the dashboard, 81 percent of the campus population is vaccinated.

Rutgers University

Rutgers University has a vaccine mandate in place for students. As of Sept. 2, Rutgers University’s student vaccination rate is 98.8 percent, spokesperson Dory Devlin said.

University of Illinois

The University of Illinois is also in the process of gathering data on its vaccination rate, and it won’t get all needed information until this week, said a university spokesperson.

University of Iowa

According to a spokesperson from the University of Iowa, the university is not legally allowed to track vaccination data. The university does not have a vaccine mandate in place.

University of Michigan

The University of Michigan has vaccination data available on its online COVID-19 dashboard. The student vaccination rate at Ann Arbor is 93 percent, the faculty vaccination rate is 91 percent and the staff vaccination rate is 77 percent.

University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota recently implemented a vaccine mandate, right after the Food and Drug Association fully approved the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine on Aug. 23. Still in the process of data gathering, Minnesota has 98.5 percent of its students and 98 percent of faculty and staff fully vaccinated.

So far, 37 percent of students and 76 percent of faculty and staff have disclosed their vaccine status.

University of Nebraska

Another school without a vaccine mandate, the University of Nebraska is encouraging vaccinated students to upload their proof of vaccination. With voluntary registration, 69 percent of students, 81 percent of faculty and 74 percent of staff are fully vaccinated, according to university communications.

University of Wisconsin

The University of Wisconsin is still gathering vaccination data. It does not have a vaccine mandate but has encouraged community members to get vaccinated.

The most recent data release on Sept. 2 stated that as of Sept. 1, 92 percent of employees and 88 percent of their students were fully vaccinated. The university was expecting 80 percent or more of their students to be fully vaccinated, said university spokesperson Meredith McGlone.