The Stamp Student Union will be closed Sunday after a power outage left the building, and at least two dorms, without power. 

The campus lost power to an electrical feeder Sunday at about 1 a.m., leaving nearby St. Mary’s and Dorchester halls without power during finals week, according to an email to residents from residential facilities. 

The power was restored to St. Mary’s and Dorchester halls Sunday afternoon, according to an update from residential facilities. 

Maryland baseball announced that Bob “Turtle” Smith Stadium had also lost power ahead of a 1 p.m. game against Purdue, according to a tweet.

[Eight UMD buildings evacuated after gas line was struck near Stamp]

The outage affected air conditioning, water pressure and elevator access in the buildings, according to an email from residential facilities. 

College Park Energy and university facilities management crews worked to resolve the outage. 

St. Mary’s and Dorchester  residents were granted access to certain spaces in Anne Arundel, Queen Anne’s, Worcester and Prince Frederick halls to charge devices and connect to the internet.

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