This year’s University of Maryland SGA elections will only consist of one party, with no candidates running with unaffiliated parties.

The party — Activate Maryland — began campaigning on Wednesday. The voting period will begin on April 20 at 8 a.m. and end on April 22 at 4 p.m. The new legislature will be inaugurated the Tuesday before the new legislative session’s first general body meeting. 

Activate Maryland consists of 27 candidates, with junior computer engineering major Kislay Parashar running for student body president and junior government and politics major Josie Shaffer running for vice president. Parashar is currently the speaker of the legislature and Shaffer is the student affairs director. 

This year’s ballot will also include a question on whether Francis Scott Key — the writer of the “The Star-Spangled Banner” and a slaveowner — violated the university’s values. Depending on the results of the ballot question, the SGA may create a petition and propose to remove Key’s name from Francis Scott Key Hall.

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Below is a list of Activate Maryland’s candidates and the positions they are running for: 

Kislay Parashar — President 

Josie Shaffer — Vice president 

Shiva Vijayaverl — Chief financial Officer 

Matthew Weiss — Engineering representative

Isabella Kushner — Engineering representative 

Meghana Kotraiah — Agriculture representative 

Michael Moreno — Arts and humanities representative 

Denise Burroughs — Arts and humanities representative 

Aadhiti Vallatharasu — Behavioral and social sciences representative 

Jarrett James — Behavioral and social sciences representative 

Nimisha Rangachar — Computer, mathematics and natural sciences representative 

Sahana Kundu — Computer, mathematics and natural sciences representative 

Kevin Tu — Computer, mathematics and natural sciences representative 

Umailla Fatima — Computer, mathematics and natural sciences representative 

Sarah Cohen — Journalism representative 

Adam Rosenbaum — Business representative 

Ayelette Halbfinger — Business representative

Alexa White — Architecture representative

Blensc Asres — Public health representative

Joshua Winston — Public policy representative

Shivani Gandhi — Cambridge representative

Steven Berit — Courtyards representative

Karthik Nambiar — Denton representative

Racheli Cohen — Off-campus neighboring representative

Nathan Boyle — Off-campus outlying representative

Jessica Levenson — Commons representative

Bryce Kowalczyk — South Hill representative