Graduate student employees at the University of Maryland who work in-person or are frequently on the campus are eligible for the coronavirus vaccine, according to an email sent Thursday.

Two student groups — the Graduate Assistant Advisory Committee and Fearless Student Employees — sent information to graduate employees Thursday detailing the eligibility requirements.

Higher education employees were a part of phase 1B of the state’s vaccine plan, and Maryland is currently in phase 1C. The current University System of Maryland policy states that only those who work in-person or frequent their campuses regularly are eligible.

But confusion has mounted over the employees’ eligibility, according to an email, and some employees were turned away on site because the vendor did not believe they were eligible.

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The groups suggested that employees fill out the preregistration form for the county they reside in and Prince George’s County. Employees have also been advised to sign up for alerts at local drugstores and hospitals and track sites that send out mass alerts when vaccinations become available.

The groups also suggested bringing ID with proof of Maryland residence, their most recent pay stub and a letter from their department chair, if possible.

The emails come a week after Graduate Student Government representative Misti Yang sent an assembly-wide email that said the graduate school has worked with the county to ensure graduate employees will be treated as higher education employees when trying to receive vaccines.