The road to NYC attorney started at University of Maryland for Jared Kalmanson, B.A. ’07.

“At Maryland, as someone who knew they wanted to go to law school early on, I was a Criminology and Criminal Justice major. I also took a few elective courses out of the business school that were of interest to me.”

From College Park to Coral Gables

With an interest in both business and law, Kalmanson looked for a law school, and a city, that could feed his entrepreneurial mind. University of Miami Law, nestled in the pristine city of Coral Gables, which is smack dab in the middle of Miami, was just the thing.

“Miami was, and is, in growth mode. Companies, entrepreneurs and investor capital continue to flock to the city as the good weather, no state income tax, and forward-thinking Mayor, make Miami more and more attractive.”

Even today, Miami is a city for business law, technology law and intellectual property law. In 2020, The Kauffman Index named Miami the second most entrepreneurial city in the U.S.

Was Location a Factor? You Bet.

With the nightlife and beaches, most people assume doing graduate studies in Miami could be a distraction, but for Kalmanson, it was a good diversion.

“While it may seem contrary to conventional wisdom, the good weather and nightlife in Miami really helped me focus and do well in school. Being able to put hours into your work knowing that you could then look forward to unwind at the pool, at the beach, outdoors at a restaurant…etc. provided a real balance that law students often need but don’t afford themselves.”

Besides the city, the University of Miami campus was also a draw. “Having loved my Maryland experience and enjoying the fraternity life and sports that Maryland offered, spending another 3 years on a campus was a no brainer for me.”

“As a resident of NJ, when I considered attending law school in NYC and going in and out of a building all day, I knew that didn’t interest me. So being able to enjoy Miami’s campus, nightlife and good weather – while still going to a great school academically – was a really unique and very appealing offering.”

How Business Law Became a Focus

After practicing law for 10 years, Kalmanson is now working in New York City as General Counsel of Glia – a digital-first customer solutions company that reinvents how to serve customers in a digital world.

He didn’t move into business by accident, Kalmanson knew early on the law firm life wasn’t for him and his law course choices reflect this. “As someone who debated going to both business school and law school, the idea of working in-house and helping to grow and scale a business always resonated with me. I took classes like Corporate Counsel, Copyright, Sports Law and Business Transactions that spoke to these interests.”

He also developed corporate and business law skill outside of the law classroom. “I also was on the Executive Team of the Entertainment and Sports Law Society and spent my 2L and 3L years, as well as 2+ years after law school, working for XOS Digital, a venture backed sports technology company where I gained great legal experience.”

The career support Kalmanson got at Miami Law was also a factor. “I got my internship my 2L year with XOS Digital through a job posting via Miami’s career center. That opportunity was the springboard that has led to all future opportunities and success in my career today.”

Advice for Future UMD Lawyers

Kalmanson would agree it is important to look at all aspects of a law school – not rankings alone. The setting, the campus, the city, the professors, the classes and the opportunities – all add up to make a difference.

“I loved my experience at both Maryland and the U,” says Kalmanson, “and would pick both all over again.”

As for current Maryland students considering Miami law in the future, Kalmanson offers, “As the premier law school in South Florida, U Miami is undoubtedly in the lead position to offer students opportunities to capitalize on the city’s expansion.”

“And as a bonus, Maryland undergraduates will have Miami as their ACC school and Maryland still as their Big 10!”

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