College kitchens are not much to be proud of. They’re usually stocked with the barest of necessities, and many of don’t have time to chef it up anyways. Our kitchens show that we are the most basic level of human. We can dream about future upgrades, but we’re perfectly capable of keeping ourselves alive with just pasta and frozen chicken strips for now.

This explains Gen Z’s recent obsession with Le Creuset. TikTok users started posting pictures of their favorite items from the French brand’s site. The expensive cookware, bakeware and kitchen tools are gorgeous, but they come with a hefty price tag. 

When people ask us what our plans are after graduation, we know one thing for sure: Our fantasies for the future revolve around a kitchen stocked with Le Creuset. People used to strive for employment or home ownership — now, owning a Le Creuset product is now the true measure of success.

It will be quite some time before most of us are able to drop $200 on a pot, which only feeds our obsession. If you have already stocked your Le Creuset cart for your dream purchase, here is what your favorite item says about you.

 1) Round Dutch Oven – $155-$560

If you have this Dutch oven in your cart, you know that this is one of Le Creuset’s top-selling items for a good reason. You went onto this website stocked with beautiful cookware and chose the most basic option, but that’s okay. You are a fan of the classics, not taking risks.

You’re also a planner who values versatility. You already imagined all of the stews, pot roasts and pastas you could make in this beauty. Maybe you even saved a few recipes in advance.

In accordance with your Type A personality, you made a list of the pros and cons of this theoretical purchase. Now, you know for sure that the Dutch oven will give the biggest return on your investment. I respect you, you well-educated shopper.

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 2) Heart Cocotte – $100-$150

You are well aware that you can purchase the basic cocotte at a cheaper price, but there’s no fun in that. You’re willing to splurge when it feels worth it, and this is a true “treat yourself” gift. You are fun and lighthearted. 

You value aesthetics just as much as practicality. The heart cocotte is still a multipurpose item that will allow you to make everything from dips to souffles. It will look just as beautiful on your table, stove or countertop as the food that came out of it. For you, there is no reason to buy something if it isn’t going to get you a range of compliments. You like attention and won’t apologize when you need it.

 3) Anything in the color “Flame

Flame is one of the most stunning colors Le Creuset has to offer. I cannot blame you for ignoring the other 23 shades in favor of this bright orange. Seeing this color on TikTok was the reason your obsession with Le Creuset began. Every item looks gorgeous in this shade, so you know that you’ll definitely love whatever you end up purchasing.

I hate to say it, but you’re a clout chaser. You are well aware that Flame is the color synonymous with Le Creuset. Everyone who sees you cooking will immediately know that you basically dropped hundreds of dollars on this meal. Even if someone is unfamiliar with Le Creuset, you’ve chosen a color that is unique enough to ensure they’ll ask you, “Where did you get that?” You will be talking about this purchase for years to come. Your confidence is unmatched.

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 4) Signature Skillet – $120-$205

You’re the practical Le Creuset fan. This pan is a necessity in any kitchen, so there is no doubt that you will get your money’s worth. This choice is a reasonable size, too, so it won’t take up too much space in a smaller kitchen or apartment. You picked this knowing you’ll feel just as proud as any other Le Creuset customer with a flashy pot, but you outsmarted them. You don’t love frills, but still value the finer things when appropriate.

You are also the only one who realizes that your cooking abilities do not magically upgrade after college. You will not invest in Le Creuset products only to be heating Trader Joe’s frozen meals or making chicken and rice.  

 5) 11-Piece Ultimate Cast Iron Set – $1,855

You scare me.

You are the complete opposite of the “signature skillet” purchaser. You have a “go big or go home” mentality that influences everything you do. If you’re going to buy anything from Le Creuset, you want it to be an event. You probably even had the nerve to filter the products to start at “most expensive.”

You have big dreams, and you probably feel like a 40-year-old trapped inside the body of a broke college student. You envision yourself working your dream job in a few years, which will allow you to buy this set for your first “real adult” kitchen. You might see this as the perfect chance to invest, or the perfect opportunity to flex on all of your other friends who are working entry-level jobs too. This is wild, but I kind of respect you for it.