Thirteen Maryland coaches and athletic director Damon Evans are set to take voluntary pay cuts, the athletic department announced Thursday afternoon.

Evans is taking a 10 percent cut from his supplemental pay. All head coaches who receive supplemental pay have agreed to take up to 10 percent pay cuts.

This comes on top of a university-imposed base pay salary reduction, per the release. The coaches who have agreed to take the pay cut include men’s soccer’s Sasho Cirovski, football’s Mike Locksley, field hockey’s Missy Meharg, men’s basketball’s Mark Turgeon, women’s basketball’s Brenda Frese, women’s lacrosse’s Cathy Reese and men’s lacrosse’s John Tillman. Six of the highest-earning assistant coaches who receive supplemental pay — all from football or men’s basketball — have also agreed to take pay reductions.

“This is an incredible demonstration of generosity and commitment to the mission of our athletic department,” said Evans. “Focus on the health, safety and welfare of our student-athletes remains our top priority.”

Last month, Evans projected that, without a football season this university would lose about $60 million. And while the Terps are due to return to the gridiron on Oct. 24 against Northwestern, the financial implications of the COVID-19 pandemic persist.

On Tuesday, the department announced a new fundraising campaign aimed at recouping some of the financial losses due to the coronavirus pandemic.