I originally found out about Wallows because one of the band’s singers, Dylan Minnette, starred in the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why and mentioned the band in interviews. After hearing their single “Pleaser” in 2017, which was their first song under their new band name, I was hooked. Wallows makes nostalgic alternative rock that sounds like the way summer feels.

They’ve released an EP, album and multiple singles since then (one of them features my fave, Clairo). In anticipation of their upcoming EP made during quarantine titled Remote, Wallows released their second original single of this year, “Nobody Gets Me (Like You),” with an accompanying music video. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Minnette explained that, because the video was shot during the pandemic, they socially distanced and used mannequins in the video. 

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This song features plenty of distortion, as well as chaotic synths and drums, all of which fit in with the band’s new aesthetic of referring back to the ‘90s. The music video and landing page for the band features a Windows 98 theme. In the video, they wear baggy jeans and dad sneakers. It’s a new vibe that fits the band very well and feels natural to the progression of their music and artistry overall. They’re entering a new era of music and their previous single, “OK,” reflects that as well.

In the “Nobody Gets Me (Like You)” video, the band stands on the front porch of a man named Schaefer and walks into his party, which turns out to be quite the bummer because no one’s there at first.

My favorite bit is in Windows 98 style, when a cursor clicks on Minnette’s blue hair and changes it to pink. In between conversations by the pool and the band performing at the party, the video centers on bassist and guitarist Braeden Lemasters falling in love with the female version of himself.

Lemasters walks through cyberspace in a layout that resembles New York City’s Times Square. It reminds me of an old episode of The Fairly OddParents where Timmy Turner literally surfs the web

Overall, “Nobody Gets Me (Like You)” is a wholesome banger. In an MTV interview, Lemasters said the band made the song in a day and that it’s about his girlfriend. “So many people and people, and people, and people, and people/ And nobody gets me like you” are simple lyrics but carry the caring message home.

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I didn’t like the song at first because it was so different from the Wallows I was used to, but after listening to it a couple of times it grew on me. The synths that run rampant throughout the track are jarring at first, but later on, they become something to jam out to.

The synths that come in before that infectious chorus sound almost like a video game soundtrack. Compared to their older music, the new direction that Wallows is going in is exciting and shows their versatility as a band. I’m excited about what’s coming next and I can’t wait to hear their EP in October.