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Job searching during a global pandemic was probably the last scenario college students would have envisioned. After a disastrous spring filled with canceled internships, revoked job offers, and awkward “virtual career fairs” many college students have been left wondering “what do I do now”. As the fall rolls around and a likely “virtual” recruiting season approaches, making yourself stand out is more important than ever. It is never too early to get a start on crafting a stand-out resume. UMD students can utilize free software, such as the Adobe Creative Suite, and free online templates to help craft their beautiful paper-profile.

Check out some tips from former UMD undergraduates on how they created outstanding resumes:


Haley Masker
Incoming UMD Graduate Student

a. What program did you make your resume with?
Adobe Indesign. I downloaded the free Creative Cloud package from UMD during my freshman year and have used it frequently for editing my resume and creating other deliverables for school projects. I would recommend for every student to download the free package from UMD.
b. How did you make your resume stand out?
Since I am interested in applying for creative marketing positions, I decided to make a “creative resume” that contained graphics, my professional headshot, branded colors, and more design elements than a normal resume. I used inspiration from google searches on the internet and pulled parts from different templates that I liked.
c. Any success stories from using your resume?
This spring I fell into the same situation as many students of having no internship lined up for the summer. I began applying to jobs only with my creative resume — as I felt that the creativity and personal branding would help me stand out to potential employees. In May, I received an internship offer for the summer and was told that my resume was the #1 reason I got the job.
d. Any other tips for making your resume pop?
Even if you are not looking for a creative role, you can make small changes on your resume that will make your profile stand out. Having any element that “pops” on your resume will cause recruiters to take a second glance and actually read some of your background. Also making your own logo and including it on your resume is a great way to show your personality and stand-out to recruiters.


David Rosenstein

a. What program did you make your resume with?
I’ve always used either MS Word or Google Docs to create effective resumes. As long as the applicant uploads the finished document as a PDF and the text can be scanned, the making the resume matters very little. Instead, prioritize the content to ensure it accurately summarizes your best accomplishments.
b. How did you make your resume stand out?
When applying to work at LinkedIn, I created a unique resume that looked like the LinkedIn.com website homepage by editing the HTML source code and then taking a screenshot. This worked in part because I had strategically networked with recruiters and managers to ensure the right people saw this document.
c. Any success stories from using your resume?
With LinkedIn, my resume was the first step to getting internship and full time offers. For my traditional, non-LinkedIn creative resume, one recruiter has told me, “It may be the best resume ever” in reference to the strong design and branding.
d. Any other tips for making your resume pop?

  • Tailor your resume specifically for the role you’re applying for by customizing which experiences/projects you highlight. Within each experience, tailor the bullets.
  • Add a “Highlights” section near the top to summarize your most relevant experiences and most impressive (yet still relevant) accomplishments.
  • Never include an “Objective” statement. Your objective is to get the job and is implied.
  • Quantify as many bullets and experiences as you can. Use strong action verbs (my favorite list: https://ter.ps/resumeverbs).
  • Remove “References Available Upon Request.” It’s outdated and implied.
  • Here’s are two winning formulas: Strong Resume + Effective Networking = Foot in the Door. Foot in the Door + Strong Interviewing Skills = Offer.
  • Add personality and flair with an “Interests” section at the bottom or a splash of color


Emily Gorey
UMD Alum 19’


a. What program did you make your resume with?
Adobe InDesign — the free version from UMD.
b. How did you make your resume stand out?
I’ve developed a personal brand that I weave throughout my resume, cover letter, and personal portfolio website. Currently, all of these assets are decked in lilac and proudly show my personal logo. It helps convey a consistent story that keeps me memorable.
c. Any success stories from using your resume?
When I had my initial call with the Edelman recruiter, he said “I have to be honest, in all my years as a recruiter, I’ve never seen a pink resume before.” I ended up getting the internship and finding out that two departments were fighting over me at the end. The creative department – who I did not end up working for – wanted me because “I was the only applicant with a designed resume.”
d. Any other tips for making your resume pop?
It’s about balance at the end of the day. Yes, it is good to stand out but don’t forget the purpose of the resume in the first place. It needs to be easy-to-read, have plenty of white space, and give specific details about experience.


The Adobe Creative Suite can be a great tool for crafting a well-designed resume. While the package typically costs users $30/month, University of Maryland students are able to install the full package for free using their UMD login. To install the software on your device, visit: https://bit.ly/2PPIejp

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