The University of Maryland’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion has been cleared to fill the now-vacant Bias Incident Support Services program director position amid a school-wide hiring freeze, Diversity and Inclusion Vice President Georgina Dodge said in a statement Tuesday.

The department’s former program director, Neijma Celestine-Donnor, left the position on July 31 to take a new job as assistant dean for diversity and inclusion for the University of Maryland, Baltimore. She served in the role for two years, handling the university’s response to hate bias incidents largely by herself until she was able to hire a program manager for the office in April.

The university will list the position on its jobs site, and will advertise the role nationally once the applicable human resources processes are completed and a search committee is formed, Dodge said in a statement emailed to The Diamondback by a university spokesperson.

In the meantime, the hate bias response team will continue working with the newly-hired Bias Incident Support Services program manager to provide services to the campus community, Dodge said.

Due to the economic toll wrought upon the university by the coronavirus pandemic, it has been in a hiring freeze since April. However, besides searching for Celestine-Donnor’s replacement, the school continues to look for someone to fill its immigrant and undocumented student life program coordinator position.