The University of Maryland’s Department of Fraternity and Sorority Life, as well as two on-campus apartment complexes, announced further information on move-out plans Thursday.

The announcements come after the university’s Department of Resident Life announced move-out plans for dorm residents Wednesday. 

According to emails sent to students, South Campus Commons and Courtyards residents who have yet to retrieve their belongings and check out from their apartments may schedule move-out appointments between May 23 and June 7 — the same window announced for students who live in dorms.

Apartment residents who will be leasing the same bedroom in the fall must move all belongings in common areas and bathrooms into their bedrooms, according to the email. Residents can also authorize a proxy to move the belongings for them. 

Residents who are leasing the same bedroom in the fall and who have already moved all their belongings to their bedrooms can mail in their keys, according to the emails.

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For residents in Greek housing, the move-out timeline spans from May 21 to June 3, department director Matt Supple wrote in an email. Just like the dorm and on-campus apartment move-out process, this will also occur in stages.

Residents will be permitted to bring one person to assist with move-out, and both are expected to wear personal protective equipment, Supple wrote. Students who are unable to move out in person can choose to pay for a third party service to pack and ship their belongings or select a proxy to move-out for them, he wrote.

Greek residents who are unable to move out can also leave their belongings in their housing until they are able to retrieve them, as determined by the university and the house corporation board, Supple wrote.