Terrapin Tech is here for all of your technological needs, near or far, be it purchasing an Apple or Dell device, providing software or answering technology questions.

The Division of Information Technology at the University of Maryland is devoted to ensuring that students, faculty and staff are able to continue to work and pursue their studies throughout this ongoing pandemic.

DIT has set up a remote call center to provide support to the university community through a team of qualified and dedicated student specialists. Devices are still available for purchase, and a partnership between the IT Service Desk and the University of Maryland Student Crisis Fund allows students with technology needs to borrow loaner devices and utilize hotspots.

The Service Desk is ready to handle problems with programs such as Zoom and Honorlock. Extensive support documentation is readily available to help with tech issues and setup, including softphones, which can allow users to make telephone calls over the Internet via a computer.

Online DIT resources allow members of this university to schedule appointments, connect with others in the community with similar technological challenges and easily view the status of personal cases or find recently used service request forms.

These resources have been applauded by IT departments around the country. Contact DIT via email at itsupport@umd.edu, phone at 301-405-1500 or live chat at itsupport.umd.edu.