University of Maryland students living in South Campus Commons or Courtyards are required to move out of their apartments by April 5, according to an email sent to residents Friday.

Students will be required to schedule a time slot to get their belongings, and can move out between March 23 and April 5, the email read. Neither of the complexes will bill students who move out for the months of April, May, June, and July.

Though students can request to be moved to temporary emergency housing for the rest of the semester, it will be limited to international students unable to return to their home countries and students “who face extreme hardship” and can’t go home, according to the email.

The announcement came after a campuswide email Thursday that stated all in-person classes for the remainder of this semester would be canceled, and students would be required to move out of their on-campus dorms by April 5.

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Students who opt to apply for emergency housing must do so by March 27. Those approved will be consolidated into one building on each property, and will not be allowed to have guests during that period.

“Please note, none of us can predict how long the present situation may last,” the email read. “If you remain in the emergency housing provided, you might be here for some time with very limited services.”