I don’t think it’s possible for No Vacation to create and release a “bad” song. I just don’t. My “Compilation of Good Tunes” playlist on Spotify features 15 No Vacation songs and my “Dance in the Shower” playlist features six. And actually, I’m pretty sure my “Gym Baddie” playlist also has a few tracks by the band. No Vacation tunes aren’t the best for cardio sessions — but they slap when I’m doing yoga.

Every time I open up the band’s Spotify profile, I’m met with a glorious page of songs and albums all adorned with a white heart on the left side. Calling myself a No Vacation fan would actually be an understatement — I’m a proud No Vacation stan.

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In their latest EP, Phasing, the band’s signature melodies sound exactly like what most envision California to be like: sunny, lively and jovial. Each song is layered with typical indie themes and instrumentals that include vibrant drums, prominent guitar riffs and other percussion embellishments. Lead singer Sabrina Mai’s vocals add a dreamy feature to each song, leaving me entranced by the music and content with life.

Phasing opens up with “Estrangers,” a three-minute tune that begins with a glorious guitar and drum solo before effortlessly transitioning into Mai singing “Go away, go away/ I don’t wanna stay.” The lyrics sound like a typical break up tune, but the whole song itself gives off summer road trip vibes — and when the violin kicks in by the end of the song, I’m left feeling a bit mournful.

The second song, “Changes,” is my favorite track of the whole EP. The guitar riffs and the instrumental buildup to Mai’s last verse are both outright art. It’s definitely one of those songs I can dance to, study to and cry to all at the same time.

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“Out of Place” is another personal favorite, as well as the most relatable track. When Mai sings, “I saw you, walking down the avenue/ And I hid my face,” the introvert in me truly felt that. Overall, “Out of Place” is a song about getting over a past lover who hasn’t quite gotten over you.

I will admit I’m a bit disappointed No Vacation decided to release an EP instead of a full-blown album. But I’ll take whatever I can get from the band, especially since its last album Amo XO was released back in 2015.

Also, a small part of me is glad No Vacation hasn’t gotten too mainstream yet. But another part of me wants them to gain more publicity because they are just that good.