Living in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area, people often wonder where my interest and knowledge of the fashion industry comes from because, let’s face it, D.C. is definitely not a fashion hub.

In order to get information on the industry, I read about what the major fashion publications are discussing, and I follow many editors and designers on Instagram, keeping me up-to-date on industry news in real-time. But lately, my favorite way to absorb information has been podcasts.

So here are three of my favorite fashion-related podcasts that will help you learn about the fashion industry while keeping you entertained:

“Girl with the Bamboo Earring” by Shelby Ivey Christie

Shelby Ivey Christie is known by those who follow her as a deep well of fashion history. Despite being a millennial, Christie is constantly presenting and analyzing years of history, sometimes dating back as early as the 18th century.

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She presents many of her findings on her social media accounts and is currently studying for a master’s degree in costume design. Her podcast is a great place to hear her add context to fashion information by bringing on special guests to discuss the current happenings of the industry, particularly as it relates to blackness in fashion. In her most recent episodes, Christie interviewed Todd White, Megan Thee Stallion’s stylist, and Stacy Beverly, an iconic figure in costume design, particularly for black characters.

“So…What Do You Do Again?” by Naomi Elizee

If you’re considering a career in fashion and on the hunt for resources, this is the podcast for you. Host Naomi Elizee currently works as an associate market editor at Vogue. She shares her insight on the hiring landscape of the fashion industry on the show and features a guest on each episode who discusses the path they took to their current job.

Podcasts like this can be really helpful and reassuring, because it shows that career paths may not always be linear, and that’s okay. Through the stories Elizee brings out of her subjects, she is able to educate, entertain and encourage people who aspire toward fashion careers or simply want to learn more about the different functions of each role in the industry.

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“The Business of Fashion Podcast” by The Business of Fashion

This podcast is a great resource for every participant in the fashion industry, from the consumer who wants to learn more about where their money goes, to the C-suite executive who wants to stay up-to-date on the latest industry insight. The podcast features celebrities, industry icons and current executives discussing an array of topics ranging from sustainability in fashion, business strategy, success stories and so much more.

“The Business of Fashion Podcast” informs listeners about the current happenings in a way that fits seamlessly into their lives. No need to sit and read an article or two if you don’t have time — you can just listen to fashion-related news during your commute, while you wash dishes or as you work out.

Podcasts really are a great new medium for entertainment and education, so it’s exciting to see them being used to provide insight from fashion insiders we wouldn’t otherwise have access to.