The Notorious K.I.A ig: thenotoriouskia

Kia Marie, the New York-based influencer behind “The Notorious K.I.A,” is a force to be reckoned with in the fashion creator space. After years of creating YouTube videos, blogs and even freelance styling, Marie has partnered with a plethora of brands, some of which include ThredUp, SavagexFenty and Goodwill. Her unique style is sure to inspire you to push the envelope with your looks.

 Koleen Diaz ig: koleendz

Koleen Diaz has been posting lookbooks, styling how-tos and try-on hauls on her YouTube channel for years — with her earliest available video dating back to November 2015. Her style heavily leans toward streetwear with a side of grudge and girliness. You can find more frequent content related to her daily looks and lifestyle on her very aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed.  

Paige Secosky ig: paigesecosky

Paige Secosky is a college student in New York City, so it’s no surprise that her content consists of college outfit ideas that instruct viewers on how to look fashionable while maintaining comfort. Her outfits often feature pieces from stores that I don’t normally frequent, which I appreciate because I get ideas of new places to shop. Her style, while gorgeous, is great for those who want to look stylish and unique without being too daring.

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Kelsey Simone ig: k.els.e.y

Kelsey Simone is a New York City-based fashion and beauty content creator whose platform consists of styling tutorials, trend reports, vlogs and get-ready-with-me videos. If you love a more neutral color palette, she’s your girl! Her looks often include neutral colors such as white, black and tan in the form of unique silhouettes and pieces.  

Aysha Sow ig: aysha.sow

Aysha Sow is another fashion and beauty content creator based in New York City. Her vintage-inspired style incorporates neutral tones with the occasional pop of color. My favorite part of her style is her incorporation of sneakers paired with more feminine clothing pieces. This is perfect for the college lifestyle, which virtually mandates comfortable footwear at all times.

Amira Richelle ig: amirah.richelle

Amirah Richelle is a stylist, designer and fashion influencer who regularly posts her looks — and runway outfits that inspire her — on her Instagram feed. Her outfits blend luxury fashion items with streetwear and her own designs to deliver her unique style. Richelle’s style is difficult to describe, but incredibly inspiring for those looking to step outside of their comfort zone.

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Alanna Doherty ig: alannanicolex

London-based style and natural hair blogger Alanna Doherty has a colorful vintage-esque style that she often features as she travels to various places around the world. As we transition into fall, her content inspire your autumn looks as well as those spring break looks we both know you’re already planning for.

Julia Havens ig: jujhavens

Julia Havens is Dallas-based lifestyle vlogger whose style is perfect for those days when you just want to wear sweats but still look like you tried, and those days when you feel like serving hot and spicy in one look. Her use of neutral tones and unique pieces show that you don’t need a closet full of crazy, loud pieces if that’s not your style. Finding beautiful yet muted pieces while still turning heads is easy — and she proves that.