The trend of bright, neon-colored or white chunky sneakers has been seen everywhere from fashion influencers, off-duty models and some of my favorite industry icons. The Fila Disruptor shoes have been leading the charge on this trend since its inception. Since then, brands such as Nike, Adidas and Puma have all added their own styles to the market and, I must say, I am stanning.

There’s nothing like a bold statement sneaker to elevate a look while maximizing comfort, so let us try to be more creative with our campus style by kicking our beloved Nike Air Forces to the curb and incorporating something fun and fresh. These five sneakers all include a chunky silhouette and bold colorway options, sure to help you stand out in this sea of sameness.

Nike M2K Tekno
The Nike M2K Tekno will end your hunt for the perfect chunky dad sneakers to wear to class. Available in a wide variety of colorways and praised by buyers for their comfort and versatility, these sneakers can go with multiple outfits and provide ample support as you walk to class.

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Adidas Ozweego Shoes
These sneakers are reminiscent of the Adidas Yung-1s that were released last year — they’re even available in a similar bright orange and neon green. If you weren’t able to cop your favorite color option before it sold out, these are a great duplicate. Available in 10 different options, you’re likely to find a pair with colors that suit your personal style.

Nike Air Max 720
One of the most recent twists on Nike’s Air Max line are these futuristic and colorful sneakers. As if being offered in 10+ colorways wasn’t enough, buyers can create their own unique Air Max 720 design scheme through Nike’s website.

Nike Air Max 270 React
This is not a Nike advertisement, I promise. But this pair has certainly earned its spot on this list through its fashion-forward design and 7+ unique color options. Even more noteworthy, these sneakers can be worn with more relaxed looks, such as an oversized tee or jeans and a shirt, or fancied up with a dress or tapered trousers.

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Puma RS-X Hard Drive
Puma finally made its entry to the colorful chunky sneaker market with its RS-X collection and I could not be happier. The RS-X Hard Drive is definitely my favorite pair from the line for its bold “High-Rise Yellow Alert” colorblock options that feature neon yellow and pink sections balanced with grey on the laces, tongue and base. It’s perfect for those who desire the look of a bold sneaker but the freedom to match with almost any outfit.

This list is obviously not comprehensive. There are a plethora of unique sneakers out there, but they do require some hunting. While searching, I recommend taking the time to scour social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram for style inspiration. And finally, when you think you’ve found the perfect pair, think of three outfits from items you already own that would look great with them. This way, you can enjoy buying new shoes knowing they won’t collect dust in the back of your closet.