The Princess Bride

Every family has its movie. You know, the one the adults play on repeat and the children have memorized. For my family, that was The Princess Bride. The 1987 fairy tale is a comedic adventure that never gets old.

Time and again, I experienced a thrill of excitement unlike any other as the film transported my younger self to swamps, forests and palace gates. Despite knowing every detail of the plot, I can still enjoy the movie with a pair of fresh eyes — each time, I am able to explore lines and uncover jokes that I did not notice during my previous hundred viewings.

This ability to uncover the new beneath the old is a faculty only designated to viewers of select films. Such movies must have scripts and actors that can reach audiences of all ages in ways that reflect every spectator’s maturity level, allowing the viewer to experience the storyline with a sharper gaze as time progresses and one’s maturity level rises. Just as the 5-year-old loves Westley’s sword fights and rescues of princesses, the 75-year-old appreciates the hero’s clever hits and escapes.

The movie’s spin on fairy tales is distinctive and entertaining, giving the genre a new and enriching flavor. Yes, the movie features traditional fairy-tale elements such as an evil prince, a damsel in distress and a charming savior, but it also features exceptional qualities like a deep-voiced giant — played by none other than professional wrestler André the Giant — a Spanish swordsman and a six-fingered killer. The film’s extreme quirkiness and multiple twists add layers to the plot that make it unlike any fairy tale ever told.

In addition, The Princess Bride may be one of the most quotable movies of all time. The dialogue is reliably witty and hilarious, cementing its place as an instant classic. Very few movies are able to garner the love and adoration that The Princess Bride has, but with its “inconceivable” lines that are just “as you wish,” the movie was able to collect loyal fans around the world.

When Disney announced that The Princess Bride will be its next Broadway adaptation, I wasn’t the only one jumping for joy. The stage will enrich the plot on a larger scale. With new songs and dance numbers, the play is sure to add a layer of epicness to the characters we already love and adore. Westley, Buttercup and Inigo Montoya are on their way to New York and I couldn’t be happier. How’s that for a wish come true?