After dismantling the ACC pretty badly in football, Maryland needed a new challenge, so they moved to the Big Ten. I mean, I think that was how it happened, right?*

Well, Maryland Stadium doesn’t quite match up to other Big Ten schools in one respect – stadium screenage. As shown in the tweet below, Maryland has the smallest Jumbotron.

The measurements are based on square footage of the entire screen (length by width). Wisconsin’s Camp Randall Stadium has the biggest Jumbotron in the conference. According to these measurements, you could easily fit not one, not two, not three, but TEN of Maryland Stadium’s video boards inside of Camp Randall’s screen. Let’s be real, you probably had to click on the tweet and then the picture just to see how small Maryland’s measurements were even compared to Northwestern’s board which is the second smallest (note: it’s 400 square feet smaller).

While Maryland is on the bottom half of attendance capacity in the Big Ten, loyal season tickets holders sitting in the upper deck should not have to strain their eyes to view a replay on the small screen at the other end of the stadium.

Most of the schools who have the biggest video screens have historically strong football programs (oh and Rutgers at fifth biggest…). The bottom line: if Maryland builds a GIGANTIC screen – I mean a screen that destroys all other Jumbotrons – Maryland will be guaranteed success for years to come.**

*Maryland did not move to the Big Ten because they dominated the ACC in football.

**There is no scientific correlation between the size of a video board and a football program’s performance. Results will vary.