DJ Durkin was reinstated as Maryland football head coach Tuesday after the Board of Regents determined he has genuine concern for his players’ well-being, bore little responsibility for abusive strength and conditioning coach Rick Court and could not be blamed for the death of offensive lineman Jordan McNair.

In a September survey completed by nearly 100 players, the team gave Durkin poor ratings, and the investigation into the team culture included many quotes from players who said he did not show adequate care for their health.

Multiple players walked out of Durkin’s meeting with the team, and a handful have spoken out about the decision publicly on Twitter, while many others have liked or retweeted them. Below are a collection of tweets from current Maryland football players.

Offensive lineman Ellis McKennie, former high school teammate of McNair:

Tight end Michael Cornwell, former high school teammate of McNair:

Offensive lineman Tyran Hunt:

Linebacker Tre Watson:

Defensive lineman Adam McLean:

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