The University of Maryland is pushing the deadline for students to accept admissions offers to June 1 due to delays in the Free Application for Federal Student Aid this year.

The enrollment confirmation deadline for accepted students is usually May 1. In February, the University System of Maryland extended the deadline to May 15 due to FAFSA delays and said that some institutions in the system may push back that deadline further, The Diamondback previously reported.

“We believe that extending the deadline to June 1 will allow enough time for students who need assistance understanding the complexities of this process to have their questions answered,” Dawit Lemma, the student financial aid office’s director, wrote in an email Monday.

[USM moves admissions decision day to May 15 due to FAFSA delays]

This university’s student financial aid office began releasing financial aid offers to students this week, according to the email. University system institutions typically begin offering financial aid packages to students in January, a February university system news release said.

The delays come after the U.S. Department of Education recently revamped FAFSA to make it easier for students to apply for federal grants and loans, according to the February university system press release. The application had several technical issues and colleges received federal student aid data later than usual.

This university’s student financial aid office plans to offer individual assistance with financial aid flexibility and enrollment confirmation deadlines, Lemma wrote Monday.