5 Seconds of Summer’s lead singer Luke Hemmings is no stranger to the spotlight. The Australian musician once embarked on multiple world tours and created five studio albums with his bandmates.

But amid the pandemic, Hemmings debuted as a solo artist with his album When Facing the Things We Turn Away From in 2021. The album peaked at No. 1 on the Australian chart ARIA and entered the Billboard 200 list.

Nearly three years later, he returns with his first solo EP boy, which released at midnight on Friday. The extended play features seven new tracks, two of which were released as singles. The title, boy, simplifies an existential crisis encapsulated within the lyrics.

The EP depicts a time where Hemmings felt disoriented inside, despite his career moving in a positive direction.

The album’s first track, “I’m Still Your Boy,” looks into Hemmings’ persona as a teenager growing up in the spotlight. The song opens with light guitar strums and soft vocals. The track drastically drops at the chorus with the inclusion of drums and melodic harmonies.Hemmings repeats the titular lyrics throughout the chorus, assuring himself he is the same person from his past.“I’m Still Your Boy” explores reflecting on the negative parts of your past while moving on.

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The EP’s second song, “Shakes,” was released as a single on March 6. Hemmings told LADYGUNN magazine the track is partly a love song and an exploration of his pessimistic outlook on life.

Like the first track, “Shakes” begins steadily. It builds to a chorus featuring electric guitars, synonymous drum beats and leveled harmonies. The track begins gloomy, but transitions to a warmer optimistic tone when Hemmings introduces harmonies singing “Cant shake this feeling/ Boy, I just wanna be yours.”

Shakes” transitions to “Benny,” which Hemmings said is named after his brother Ben, but ultimately represents his whole family. “Benny” expresses a cold and empty feeling, calling back to “Diamonds” from his debut album.

“Benny” diverges from the opening tracks by beginning with an up-tempo melody. However, the chorus intensifies. A persistent drum pattern backs the chorus and breaks up as he sings the words “Benny,” symbolizing potential bad news that could jeopardize his future.

“Close My Eyes,” expands on the previous track’s upbeat drum line and guitar strums. The song revisits subject matter from his debut album, such as depression, drug use and body dysmorphia. Hemmings indicates he doesn’t want to close his eyes and rewatch those memories from his past.

This song feels most like his previous album with an emphasis on guitar tunes and exotic sounds that compliment the vocals. “Benny” is the tune for any music pick up.

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In “Garden Life,” Hemmings tells the listener that little moments are some of the most important.The song feels picturesque, while maintaining similar ominous themes from previous tracks.

“Close Enough to Feel You” opens with an ominous noise that sets up the dark-toned song. He sings about emotional loss and longing for help. Hemmings’ wife, songwriter Sierra Deaton, is featured on the song, adding vocals that complement the chorus’ melody. Deaton has been an inspiration in his song writing, Hemmings told SiriusXM.

“Close Enough to Feel You” was the strongest track. It illustrated the rollercoaster of emotion someone goes through at the beginning of their life. The chorus’ harmonies symbolize a relationship between two people who are different yet depend on each other deeply.

The EP ends with the longest running track, “Promises,” which taps into his optimism for the future and ends the EP with 30 seconds of soft instrumentals.

boy continues the sound Hemmings developed in his debut album. The EP meets expectations as he delivers strong captivating lyrics while telling a story. The seven tracks tap into different pieces of his life and reveal who Hemmings is as a person rather than just a public figure.