The University of Maryland’s SGA election opened for voting Monday at 8 a.m. and will close Wednesday at 5 p.m.

Here’s more information on how to vote, why to vote and who is running in this year’s election.

How can students vote?

Students can vote through a link sent Monday by the vice president for student affairs’ office, or by clicking here.

Why should you vote?

Alexandra DeBus, the current Student Government Association president, said students should vote to make sure their voices are heard.

The SGA discusses many issues that affect students to uplift their voices and tackle their concerns, the senior biochemistry major said.

“Every year students get the opportunity to democratically elect their representatives,” DeBus said. “Their voices are critical to ensuring the student body is accurately and equally represented.”

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Who is running?

The three tickets in this year’s election are Uplift UMD, Reimagine Maryland and Moment UMD. There are also multiple independent candidates.

Uplift UMD only fields executive candidates. Ian Gould, one of SGA’s South Campus Commons representatives and a junior government and politics and philosophy major is Uplift UMD’s candidate for SGA president.

Reimagine Maryland has candidates running across executive and legislative positions.
Reese Artero, one of SGA’s off-campus neighboring representatives and a junior criminology and criminal justice major, is Reimagine Maryland’s candidate for president.

Moment UMD’s ticket only includes legislative candidates. Its platform emphasizes infrastructure, diversity, sustainability and mental health as key issues.

Uplift UMD focuses on student activity, career readiness, wellness and community empowerment.

Reimagine Maryland also prioritizes four key areas, which include community engagement and supportive networks, innovative campus living and environment, empowerment and equity and academic excellence and future readiness.

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2024 SGA Candidates

Student body president
Reese Artero, Reimagine Maryland
Ian Gould, Uplift UMD

Executive vice president
Elise Donnellan, Uplift UMD
Gannon Sprinkle, Reimagine Maryland

Vice president of financial affairs
Chinmay Parwatgoudar, Reimagine Maryland
Pranav Ramesh, Uplift UMD


Graham Firosz, Reimagine Maryland
Julia Fox, Moment UMD
Eliav Hamburger, Moment UMD
Noah Hill, Moment UMD
Alex Pratilas, Reimagine Maryland
Aidan Sachs, Reimagine Maryland

Jennifer Monterrosa, Reimagine Maryland

Public policy
Lynelle Essilfie, Reimagine Maryland
Gavin Neubauer, Moment UMD

Behavioral and social sciences college
Leonard Fomin, Reimagine Maryland
Isha Rajani, Reimagine Maryland
Alexis Silhavy, Moment UMD
Bailey Spitz, Moment UMD

Public Health
Autumn Ballard, Reimagine Maryland
Nina Flusberg, Moment UMD
Shuli Frenkel, Moment UMD
Grace Zhang, Reimagine Maryland

Mathematics and natural sciences college
Collin Dowling, Moment UMD
Maria Johnsonbaugh, Reimagine Maryland
Sri Kolla, Reimagine Maryland
Rishi Kumar, Moment UMD

Priya Moorjani, Reimagine Maryland
Gabriella Szyc, Independent

Arts and humanities
Chelsea Boyer, Moment UMD
Maya Flaherty, Reimagine Maryland

Undergraduate studies
Amyah Davis, Moment UMD

Off-campus outlying
Abel Amene, Independent
Giovanni Ergueta, Reimagine Maryland
Sid Gupta, Reimagine Maryland
Arianna Meza, Reimagine Maryland

Off-campus neighboring
Syed Azan Ali, Moment UMD
Nicholas DiSpirito, Moment UMD
Briana Garcia, Independent
Lucy Schneider, Moment UMD
Meirav Solomon, Moment UMD

Heritage community
Alvaro Ceron Ruiz, Reimagine Maryland

South Campus Commons
Chris Adams, Moment UMD
Pragya Kumar, Reimagine Maryland

Malcom Maas, Moment UMD