Following a three year hiatus after her debut album, girl in red returns to the music scene with I’M DOING IT AGAIN BABY!

Known for her relatable bedroom pop style that skyrocketed on social media, the Norwegian indie singer-songwriter released her sophomore album Friday following her stint as the opening act of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour last year.

The album consists of 10 songs, with “DOING IT AGAIN BABY,” “You Need Me Now?” and “Too Much” released as singles earlier this year. 

The title of the latest work says it all. Girl in red is back to deliver candid experiences of queer love and heartbreak, while branching out into new sounds alongside her alternative style 

The first track kicks off with what seems like a letter to her fans explaining her absence, setting the stage for the rest of the album in the song titled “I’m Back.” In a flowy, piano-delivered ode, Marie Ulven describes experiencing hardships and overcoming dark spots. 

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The song is simple, personable and vulnerable, making it feel like you’re catching up with an old friend. With lyrics such as, “I was gone for a minute ‘cause I went to get help / It’s not the end of the world / Time doesn’t stop for a sad little girl,” she sets up an authentic, personal piece. 

The album kicks it up a notch with “DOING IT AGAIN BABY,” steering away from her typical smooth and soft indie sound to a more upbeat pop rock tune. The lyrics depict feelings of being unstoppable and on top of the world, backed with the catchy strum of an electric bass and a steady drum. 

Her vocals differ from the bedroom pop typical in her discography, with muffled and intense rock layered over her voice. While this differs from her usual sound, it shows her growth and versatility as an artist. 

“You Need Me Now?” leans more toward angsty rock, describing scorned love and feeling fed up with a relationship’s patterns. The track uses a catchy drum beat and electric guitar riff to set up the “fed up” tone of the song and also features fellow Eras Tour opener Sabrina Carpenter, who has been recognized for her airy, sweet-tone vocals. 

It’s interesting to see how the two artists’ sounds blend together, but it works, as their voices seamlessly mesh and keep pace with the heated tone of the song. The track is tied together by a unique conversation-style introduction into Carpenter’s verse. 

“Too Much” delves into the feeling of being complete opposites with your significant other and feeling like you need to change for them. The melancholy lyrics are paired with an upbeat drum and electric piano tune, making for a surprising yet effective pair. 

The track “A Night To Remember” is a pleasant shift in tone, moving from heartbreak to enchantment. With a light piano melody in the background, the lyrics detail the feeling of meeting someone and instantly feeling a connection. 

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The steady beat, resembling the quick heartbeat of catching the eye of someone you desire, drives this theme home, while the lyrics dive into a more romantic side of the album, such as, “The moment I met her / I met the rest of my life / The whisper in my ear / Saying, ‘Let’s get outta here.’” 

This track is a complete tone shift from the grunge and angst of other songs, but is a sweet addition to the album.

I’M DOING IT AGAIN BABY! shows a new side of girl in red that branches off of her indie pop roots and into a more pop rock sound, demonstrating growth in her musical artistry and a new era of sound.