University of Maryland’s Stamp Student Union could soon see new murals after a proposal by the SGA’s transportation and infrastructure committee.

The mural, which will be located near the Greg Heffley statue on Stamp’s ground floor under the proposal, would be designed around a specific annual theme. If approved, Stamp’s beautification committee will evaluate student submissions to select the theme, according to Reese Artero, the Student Government Association’s off-campus neighboring representative.

Artero, a junior criminology and criminal justice major, said potential themes could focus on unity, diversity and building future leaders.

The mural would be printed on paper, similar to peel and stick wallpaper, and could consist of any artwork that can be scanned and printed, Artero said.

“We’re going to be in support of having mixed media be represented as well so that it’s not just people who are interested in painting or people who can paint on a wall,” Artero said. “There will be a lot of chances for different artists who have different niches to be able to submit as well.”

SGA members hope the mural boosts visitors, increases the visual appeal of campus and creates a sense of pride among students, according to a February project proposal by SGA’s transportation and infrastructure committee.

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Artero, who is from Guam, said murals are popular in the island, which helps contribute to its atmosphere.

The Stamp mural would help bring students together and help build a community on campus, Artero said.

Like Artero, Marsha Guenzler-Stevens, Stamp’s director, said the proposed mural will help promote unity on campus through the arts.

“We know art is a way of helping with community building, but it’s also with addressing well-being,” Guenzler-Stevens said. “I love the idea of the arts being a part of who we are.”

Mary Mena, a senior studio art major, emphasized that the mural could help showcase this university’s art community.

The mural would highlight the “liveliness that we don’t get to show half of the time” at this university, Mena said.

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The project would not only be an opportunity to “uplift” the university community, but it would also promote student involvement, according to Jak Lunsford, a senior studio art major.

The murals could provide students with practical experience in the arts, Lunsford added.

Artero said the project is still in its early stages of development as mural guidelines are still being discussed. The project could begin its rollout by the end of the fall semester into next spring, according to Artero.

Moving forward, Artero hopes the mural provides a unique attraction for the university and its students.

“It’s essentially just a different way for us to invest in the arts in Stamp, especially considering that we really don’t see too many murals on campus,” Artero said.