Maryland women’s lacrosse took its time during its first offensive possession of the second half. The Terps passed the ball for almost a full minute until attacker Hannah Leubecker caught it.

Leubecker backpedaled to open space between her and Rutgers midfielder Ashley Moynahan. Every other Terps’ player in the attacking zone moved to the right of the goal, creating a one-on-one between Leubecker and Moynahan.

Leubecker sprinted at her foe and dodged left into the space her team vacated. She reared her stick back before firing a low shot into the net for one of the four unassisted goals she tallied. Leubecker finished with six goals in Maryland’s win against the Scarlet Knights Sunday.

“She shot awesome,” Maryland coach Cathy Reese said. “We saw her at a whole ‘nother level today.”

The graduate student is used to high-scoring outings. Leubecker led the Terps in goals in 2021 and finished third in 2022, scoring 120 times across the two seasons. Her scoring tally took a hit during an injury-riddled 2023 where she was limited to 40. Her success is paramount to Maryland’s success. When Leubecker scores consistently, the Terps flourish.

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Leubecker’s fifth collegiate season began with a meager scoring output. She managed nine scores in Maryland’s first five games. Reese said it was “funny” to see the attacker struggle because the coach knew what Leubecker was capable of.

The Terps waited for her to blossom and she did — just in time for a grueling end to the regular season.

In the five games after her early-season slump, Leubecker notched four hat tricks and scored 19 goals.

After Leubecker scored five against Georgetown last week, midfielder Shaylan Ahearn noted that her teammate can score in a variety of ways. Leubecker displayed that ability during the Rutgers win, Maryland’s second conference victory of the season, scoring off passes and dodges.

Leubecker’s second tally of the third quarter came because of her cutting skills.

Maisy Clevenger stood alone behind the goal line, surveying the field in front of her. Luebecker drifted to the top of the eight-meter mark, patiently waiting as Maryland attackers cleared the area at the front of the cage.

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Her waiting worked. She sharply cut, catching a pass from Clevenger and directing the ball toward the gall goalwards in one swift motion.

“We just see what she’s capable of,” Reese said. “She’s such a great dodger. And today, finish all the opportunities she had, which obviously led our team to victory.”

Maryland’s attack flows through Leubecker. During the Terps’ first five games — Leubecker’s cold stretch — they posted their two lowest-scoring outings of the year.

The attack has become more potent with her. Maryland’s shooting percentage is now at 40 percent. The Terps have also hit 11 or more goals in five straight games. Her ability to continue scoring in diverse ways will be key as the Terps try and raise their shooting percentage to their 50 percent goal.

“We’re a unit out there, and so for one person to be open, everybody has to be working,” Leubecker said. “I just happen to have the opportunities that I get, which I’m thankful for, but credit goes to the team.”