CLARIFICATION: This story’s headline and lead have been updated to better reflect that this university’s cease and desist order only applies to IFC and PHA chapters.

The University of Maryland placed a cease and desist order Friday on IFC and PHA fraternities and sororities after it received notice of chapters conducting activities that posed threats to community members’ “safety and well-being.”

The cease and desist order impacts all Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic Association chapters at this university, according to a letter obtained by The Diamondback. James Bond, this university’s student conduct director, and James McShay, this university’s assistant vice president of engagement, sent the letter to new members of IFC and PHA organizations.

The letter said all new member activities for the organizations will be suspended indefinitely. This university’s student conduct office plans to conduct “a thorough investigation” into the matter, the letter said.

In a separate letter sent Friday to IFC and PHA chapter leadership, Bond and McShay said all fraternity and sorority life councils at this university received a warning during an emergency meeting Thursday that “further allegations of misconduct” could result in a cease and desist. Additional misconduct incidents were reported Friday, the letter to leadership said.

IFC and PHA chapters are prohibited from communicating with new members, both letters said, and violating the terms of the order will result in “disciplinary action.”

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The indefinite suspension affects at least 20 fraternities comprising the IFC and 16 sororities that are part of the PHA, according to this university’s fraternity and sorority life department website. IFC and PHA leadership did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

This university also placed a social moratorium on all IFC and PHA chapters, according to both letters, which prohibits an organization from holding an event where alcohol is present.

The cease and desist comes about one month after fraternity and sorority recruitment ended and as many chapters are holding new member initiation events.

Bond and McShay urged IFC and PHA members to review the university’s hazing and student conduct policy in both letters.

“Our goal is to have students honestly and openly share their experiences with our office so that we can uphold the mission, values, and expectations of the University community,” the letter to new members read. “Any attempts to deceive University officials, falsify information, or retaliate against individuals who share information will be subject to disciplinary action.”

This university and its fraternity and sorority life department did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Diamondback.

Senior staff writer Marijke Friedman contributed to this story.