Since Tuesday, UMPD has been stationing auxiliary police at campus entrances after 10 p.m. to check identification of all people entering campus, resuming a pre-pandemic practice.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, University of Maryland Police have struggled to keep the auxiliary police, a volunteer student police unit, fully staffed. This week, the unit reached capacity to resume the gate checks, according to police spokesperson Lt. Rosanne Hoaas.

Police have not finalized their plans, but starting at 10 p.m., auxiliary police will be stationed at campus entrances on Route 1, Stadium Drive and Paint Branch Drive.

There will be no gate checks during breaks or on university holidays.

“We’re trying to see what works and what doesn’t,” Hoaas said.

Each person entering campus will be asked for university identification or driver’s license. Visitors are still permitted on campus.

The campus entrance on Mowatt Lane, next to Mowatt Lane Parking Garage, will only be open to buses.

The goal is to prevent people traveling through campus without a purpose, Hoaas added.